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Privacy Program Management Course Review

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By: Shimon Brathwaite

May 14, 2021

What is The Privacy Program Management course?

A privacy program is a set of standards used to define, maintain, and implement policies and procedures that allow for effective information privacy practices. It is essential for any organization that collects or processes sensitive data on paper or electronically. The need to understand privacy has increased over the years as more legislation has been passed to protect consumer's data rights. Some of these regulations include PIPEDA, GDPR, and CCPA.

This training course teaches students all the privacy program strategies, laws, regulations, and operational elements they need to know to build effective programs. It focuses on people that work in privacy, compliance, or security functions within the company.

Privacy Strategy and Program

The course begins by teaching you the role of a privacy manager. This is the person responsible for protecting your customers' privacy and making sure that you are operating in a way that is compliant with the regulations that apply to your business. Next, it will show the importance of establishing a privacy strategy and program. This includes creating a program scope and charter, applicable laws, and program data governance models. It also introduces key standards for privacy such as ISO-IEC 27701-2019, important bodies like the national institute for standards and technology (NIST), or basic definitions. One of them is personally identifiable information (PII), the information that needs to be protected.

Privacy Program Operational Elements

Next, it discusses the operational elements of a privacy program, which are all the things you will need to do on a day-to-day basis to ensure controls are implemented and followed. Whenever a privacy breach occurs, you have notification requirements to your consumers and different regulatory bodies according to your location, size, and industry, that come with strict timeline requirements. This course covers incident management, so you will learn how to respond if it occurs or how you can identify requirements and ensure you meet all of your privacy specifications.

Future of Privacy

This course finishes by talking about the future of privacy. Its regulations have changed greatly in the last few years, and as we continue to integrate with technology, we can expect that they will continue to change over time. This course finishes off by discussing some of these future implications.

Why take a privacy management course?

If you work in any data protection role or would like to, it is important to understand how to develop a good privacy program. Failing to uphold a consumer's privacy rights can lead to lawsuits, fines, and in some cases, the loss of your right to do business. It is important to consider that privacy requirements are not static. New laws and regulations can be and will be passed. You will learn how to identify the applicable laws for your company to make you stay ahead of your requirements.


This course focuses on how to develop a data privacy program for a company. Suppose you're in upper management, working in data protection, or working at a startup where you need to know a little of everything. In that case, this course gives you a good knowledge base to start incorporating privacy best practices into your company. It goes over strategic elements, operational elements, and incident management scenarios that you should know.

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