Are you unable to export Office 365 emails to a PST file from Exchange Online eDiscovery? Say you're logged into Office 365. You're in the Exchange Admin Center and want to export your eDiscovery search results to a PST file. You select the “Export to a PST file” option but are met with an error message. To get around this problem, try the Office 365 Email Backup and Restore tool by SysTools, the best solution to export Exchange Online Mailbox emails to PST/EML file format.

Common Office 365 to PST Export Errors 

  • If Internet Explorer 9.0 or later is being used, the application tries to connect but crashes without displaying an error message.
  • When using other third-party browsers, you receive the following error message: “Cannot Download the application. The application is missing required files. Contact application vendor for assistance”.
  • Sometimes, the eDiscovery PST Export tool fails or becomes unresponsive in the middle of an email export.

Causes of Office 365 to PST Export Errors 

PST export errors in Office 365 could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Not having MS .NET Framework version 4.5 or later installed if using Internet Explorer 9.0 or later.
  • Local Intranet zone settings are not correctly setup in Internet Explorer.
  • Using a third-party browser and not having the ClickOnce browser extension installed.
  • The connection times out.

Check all these settings and start again to export PST from Office 365. If you still end up getting error messages, or if you want to use another export solution besides the eDiscovery PST Export Tool, try SysTools' Office 365 Email Backup and Restore tool. This tool is one of the cheapest options recommended, and a free demo version is made available to users to test the function of the PST Export Tool for Office 365 in Exchange Online.

SysTools PST Export Tool for Office 365 

Ability to Download Single and Multiple Office 365 Mailboxes

This PST export tool for Office 365 allows users to download single as well as multiple mailboxes of multiple users from Microsoft Office 365 accounts locally at a time. This Exchange Online backup tool offers application impersonation options that allow admins to migrate multiple mailboxes from the Office 365 domain.

Naming Convention Option

While Exporting Office 365 data to an EML or PST file format, the PST Export tool provides an option to apply multiple naming conventions. You can specify the name with the date that is to be saved.

Filter Options

If a user wants to create only some selective data, then the Export PST tool provides various filter options. You can apply a date filter, user filter, email filter, etc. to get specific data during the defined date range.

Restore Office 365 Mailbox From Backup

This software also gives you the option to restore multiple Office 365 Mailboxes from backup PST files. Overall, it is an affordable, recommended option for exporting Office 365 emails to PST file format. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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