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New Course: HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP)

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By: Siddharth Bhardwaj

November 19, 2020

The use of electronic medical records is widespread and increasingly accepted by the public. Healthcare providers are charged with the critical responsibility of keeping their patients’ private data safe. Furthermore, with an increasing number of attacks, unique attack methods, and an ever-rising demand for profitable medical records on the dark web, security practitioners need to learn ways to shoulder this responsibility. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg for someone new to this field. The terminology can be confusing. The laws and regulations that govern this vast healthcare field are daunting, and the fear of losing millions of dollars for fines and compensation due to data breaches makes this course extremely important. This is especially true for those who interact and manage such data regularly. Since information security is a collective responsibility, more and more people will need to learn proper methods. Additionally, within this industry, many non-IT staff deals with IT systems and sensitive data and must also be trained to understand the concepts in this course.

This course is quite detailed and covers the most important aspects of consideration. It is structured carefully to walk through each concept step-by-step to build a solid foundation in these concepts. The structure makes it easy to navigate through the course to ensure proper understanding. The course is divided into seven modules, each of which meticulously covers important topics.

The first module introduces a vast field of the healthcare industry, threats, and basic terminology. An amply detailed module follows it on information governance in healthcare that explains various frameworks, roles, responsibilities, standards, etc. The course progresses to detailed procedures for proper connectivity, management, and the extent of healthcare information technology. Since the healthcare industry tends to have many third-party service providers, it is necessary to know the baseline standards to uphold while dealing with data and providers. The module provides a basic code of ethics to follow while ensuring the lesson builds a foundation for the modules to follow.

Modules four and five cover regulatory standards and environment for privacy and security in healthcare, forming the core of the course. It provides necessary information about laws and inter-country agreements to deal with data while ensuring adequate privacy and security levels to the owner. The modules explain various compliance frameworks in the industry, which form the backbone of all operations in the field. The modules help understand the interdependent relationship between privacy and security. This helps any learner clearly understand the challenges faced in this field and its responsibilities as a professional. With the risk of losing credibility and, at worst, human life, It is imperative to give importance to risk management.

The course does not disappoint at any stage. It elaborates on the whole risk management concept in modules six and seven, including the third party risk management. Since sensitive data breaches invite severe consequences, the need to have a proper assessment, control, and response to risk is undoubtedly the priority. The course helps learners understand the crucial topics with ease and assurance.

Overall, this course is exceptionally well-balanced and crafted to bring all the necessary information to the learner with easy-to-understand explanations. The Instructor has put in serious effort, which is visible throughout the course. The instructor has explained various complex concepts and made them understandable to common learners. Besides being accurate with so many acronyms and laws, the instructor has explained them in great detail, which is commendable.

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