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Monday Mix: Thwarting Threats - Content so Good it's Scary

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By: Tatianna Harris

October 31, 2022

Hi everyone!

Since it's Halloween, and the official last day of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are happy to share some scary-good content that will empower you to advance your cybersecurity career! There is no better time for you to level up your skills and be cyber smart.

New Courses Want to learn the basics of security automation with PowerShell? Eager to explore how both red teamers and blue teamers can leverage PowerShell in real-world scenarios? Unlock the power in our PowerShell for Security Professionals course.

PowerShell for Security Professionals | Intermediate | 3 CEUs

Interested in a new, critical command injection flaw impacting API endpoints? Enroll now in our latest CVE course on the Atlassian Bitbucket vulnerability (CVE-2022-36804) to prepare to thwart an attacker’s efforts to install malware! Get hands-on experience with performing a simulated network penetration testing activity in a secure lab environment.

CVE Series: Atlassian Bitbucket Command Injection (CVE-2022-36804) | Intermediate | 2 CEUs

It’s double trouble this week with not one, but two new CVE Series courses! The Grafana directory traversal vulnerability caused quite a scare in December 2021, because threat actors can exploit this critical arbitrary file reading vulnerability to take over admin accounts. Learn how to securely exploit this vulnerability in a virtual lab and explore various mitigation strategies.

CVE Series: Grafana Directory Traversal (CVE-2021-43798) | Intermediate | 1 CEU

October NCAM Challenges All of our weekly challenges this month have covered one of the different themes of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The final week focuses on the theme “Update Your Software," where you’ll do some detective work to identify a 🕸️ web application attack. See why it’s important to patch your systems in our fun challenges and earn some swag 🎃.

NCAM Week 1 Challenge: Teach a Person to Phish | Rated Beginner - Look beyond the basics of phishing prevention and critically examine what is happening.

NCAM Week 2 Challenge: Password123 | Rated Beginner - This password challenge will have you analyze a real password and validate if it is secure.

NCAM Week 3 Challenge: MFA...All Day Every Day | Rated Beginner - Can you identify how MFA can be attacked in real-world use cases?

NCAM Week 4 Challenge: Update B4 It's 2Late | Rated Beginner - Learn about the importance of having updated software and the negative ramifications if you don't.

🎧 New Podcast ▶️

This week's episode of the Cybrary Podcast features our all-star Cybrary content managers, Jenn Barnabee and Sara Faradji! We share how they got into the cybersecurity training field from widely different career paths. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Jenn's new Entry-Level Cybersecurity Training (ELCT) course - perfect for anyone seeking foundational cybersecurity knowledge. With Jenn's help, learn how you can pass the new Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) exam from (ISC)² and take your career to the next level.

Kickstarting Your Cybersecurity Career with Jenn Barnabee | The Cybrary Podcast Ep. 96

Have a great week!

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