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Monday Mix: Remote Access, Password Cracking, and Ransomware

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By: Sara Faradji

May 9, 2022

Hi Cybrary fans!

It's a good week for Linux users to dive into our brand-new courses. Plus, we're celebrating World Password Day with everyone's favorite Black Badge-winning password cracker. 🥷

New Courses:

The wait is over! Take our newest CVE Series course on CVE-2022-00543–the Redis flaw allowing adversaries to escape the Lua sandbox, remotely access a system, and start executing arbitrary commands on the host server. Learn how to identify, exploit, and mitigate this critical vulnerability that scored the highest-possible CVSS score of 10.0!

CVE Series: Redis (CVE-2022-0543) - Raymond Evans

Are you training as a systems administrator with a Linux focus? Want to learn command-line basics and gain introductory knowledge on Linux terminology, architecture, components, and tools? Take our all-new Linux Fundamentals for Security Practitioners course to open that Terminal window and get your hands dirty as you learn to love the CLI!

Linux Fundamentals for Security Practitioners - Corey Holzer

The Cybrary Podcast

Let's celebrate World Password Day with some password hygiene tips from the guy who could probably crack your password in minutes (looking at you, qwerty123)! Dustin Heywood (aka EvilMog) returns to share the biggest password fails and his expert password management advice. If you've got the (ethical!) hacker itch, listen to Dustin's advice on which tools and techniques will give you the advantage you need to start cracking! Oh, did we mention the podcast is free? Start 🎧 listening ▶️

Password Security Secrets with Dustin Heywood (aka EvilMog) | 401 Access Denied Podcast Ep. 53

Coming Soon

Have you heard about our new Threat Actor Campaigns? Enroll now in our first fully launched campaign, Ransomware for Financial Gain, to learn essential detection and mitigation strategies that will give notorious threat actors like FIN7 a run for their money. Subscribe to our two upcoming campaigns to start your threat hunt as soon as the courses go live on our platform!

Happy learning!

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