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Monday Mix: Hiding Under-the-Radar

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By: Sara Faradji

July 25, 2022

Hi Cybrary fans!

Whether you're a defender, ethical hacker, cloud enthusiast, or part of the IT crowd, we have something for everyone in this week's new content!

New Courses

In the nefarious business of cybercrime, the specialized “initial access broker” (IAB) plays the long game of doing thorough research and reconnaissance on a target before exploiting vulnerable web applications. After gaining initial access and persistence on a target, they then sell that access to other adversaries such as ransomware gangs.

Ready to detect each step in the simulated attack path of our infamous model IAB threat actor, Prophet Spider? Enroll now in our Spinning a Web Shell for Initial Access campaign to set up your detections in a realistic virtual lab environment.

Spinning a Web Shell for Initial Access | Chris Daywalt and Matt Mullins

Our new CVE Series course covers an under-the-radar but particularly dangerous Django flaw that leaves web applications vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. Take on the challenge of spinning up a Docker container and exploiting this vulnerability in a hands-on lab!

CVE Series: Django (CVE-2022-34265) | Clint Kehr

Our 18 CIS Critical Security Controls series continues to expand. Take our course on control 15: Service Provider Management, to learn all about the significance of establishing, maintaining, and decommissioning service provider inventories.

CIS Critical Security Control 15: Service Provider Management | Corey Holzer

🎧 New Podcasts ▶️

Interested in hearing about the Prophet Spider origin story? Get the latest intel on initial access brokers in our podcast featuring our campaign co-creator, adversary emulator, and self-proclaimed “Chief Thief,” Matt Mullins.

Detecting the Follina Vulnerability and Initial Access Brokers | The Cybrary Podcast Ep. 88

As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, it's essential to keep your data secure. Nick Lumsden, co-founder and CTO of Tenacity Cloud, shares his expert insights on cost-effective cloud security management best practices.

Strengthening AWS Cloud Security with Tenacity | The Cybrary Podcast Ep. 89

Have a great week!

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