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Monday Mix: Ethical Exploits with Apache HTTPD CVE 2021-42013

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By: Sara Faradji

August 29, 2022

Hi everyone!

Take some time this week to (ethically) exploit a critical Apache HTTPD vulnerability and check out two new podcasts!

New Courses The Apache HTTPD vulnerability (CVE-2021-42013) had the world talking in late 2021. We’re debuting this course so that you can get creative with multiple ways of exploiting and mitigating cutting-edge vulnerabilities like this one! Take on the role of a pen tester as you explore both a path traversal and arbitrary command execution attack in this hands-on course.

CVE Series: Apache HTTPD (CVE-2021-42013)

New Podcasts

When war broke out in Ukraine in early 2022, cyberwarfare expert Chris Kubecka headed for the Romanian border. Follow Chris down the winding backroads filled with sharp turns, sleepless nights, and evasion from mercenary groups in part 1 of her perilous story.

🎧 Escaping Ukraine with Chris Kubecka | 401 Access Denied Ep. 61​

With the Great Resignation looming, what can security leaders do to empower their teams?  How does effective training help shatter glass ceilings? Lance James, CEO of Unit 221B, shares his methodology for boosting team confidence and capability.

▶️ Upskilling Your Security Team with Lance James | The Cybrary Podcast Ep. 91

Upcoming Events Last week was packed with amazing free webinars. You can catch the replays here

Join this week's live sessions that will cover how to train your team.

August 30th @ 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT – Upskill Your Security Team with Threat Informed Training

August 31st @ 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT – Cybersecurity Skills Shortage with David Kennedy - Fireside Chat

Have a great week!

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