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Monday Mix: All Hands on Threat Intel

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By: Sara Faradji

June 6, 2022

Hi Cybrary fans!

Last month, we shared exciting updates featuring courses on critical vulnerabilities, a redesigned certification prep catalog, and podcasts offering expert advice on cybersecurity skills development. Now, we're kicking off the month of June with a podcast featuring our CEO, Kevin Hanes! Plus, assess your knowledge in our new HCISPP practice test and get ready to enroll in our course on the OpenSSL infinite loop vulnerability (CVE-2022-0778) AND learn more about our latest course campaigns and the debut of our Cybrary Threat Intelligence Group.

New Episodes on the Podcast

Where can organizations find specialized candidates for millions of unfilled security jobs? Our very own CEO of Cybrary, Kevin Hanes, shares why investing in people is a vital part of closing the notorious cybersecurity skills gap, increasing employee retention, and reducing risk.

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Investing in People and Reducing Skills Gaps with Kevin Hanes | 401 Access Denied Podcast Ep. 55

When red teamers like Matt Mullins collaborate with blue teamers like Owen Dubiel, you know you'll get a thorough and cost-effective assessment of your security environment. If you liked our last episode of the Cybrary Podcast, then tune in to part 2 to hear Matt and Owen discuss successful purple teaming design and implementation. Plus, check out their Cybrary-exclusive Ransomware for Financial Gain course campaign to learn real-world adversary techniques before enhancing detections in a secure lab environment.

The Power of Purple Teaming with Owen Dubiel and Matt Mullins | The Cybrary Podcast Ep. 84

NEW: Cybrary Threat Intelligence Group

As a trusted cybersecurity training provider, we at Cybrary aim to provide you with the best-in-class content grounded in emergent and comprehensive research. To support these efforts to empower your success, we are proud to announce the creation of the Cybrary Threat Intelligence Group (CTIG). Experienced cybersecurity researchers like David Maynor, will provide you with regular updates on the latest risks and industry trends.

Don’t just center your cybersecurity training on checking the right boxes. In our new blog post, read about how Cybrary’s practical, research-focused training will keep you and your security team focused on what matters most in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Meet the Cybrary Threat Intelligence Group (CTIG)

New Vendor Content

Practice makes perfect... Think you’re ready to pass the HCISPP exam and become a certified HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner? Our new HCISPP practice test will help you assess your knowledge and ability to implement, manage, and assess security and privacy controls to protect Patient Health Information (PHI).

ISC2 HCISPP Practice Test: HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner | Cybervista

Skillable has 16 new labs to share that are perfect for gaining entry-level IT and networking skills. Learn about network monitoring, hardening, and more.

Coming Soon

The countdown is on until the release of our next CVE Series course that lets you exploit and mitigate an emergent, critical vulnerability. Sign up for updates to get a notification as soon as we publish our course on the OpenSSL infinite loop flaw. Adversaries can leverage this vulnerability to execute a denial-of-service attack, which you’ll explore in a secure, hands-on lab!

CVE Series: OpenSSL Infinite Loop (CVE-2022-0778) | Raymond Evans

Happy learning!

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