My ISP provides me with a dynamic IP address. So the LHOST option for meterpreter will be meaningless since my IP changes every time I reboot my router. From what I have been able to gather is: 1. Use no-ip[dot]com to set up a DNS server that links back to me 2. Use /reverestcpdns and set it to my domain (eg sample[dot]no-ip[dot]com) can anyone clarify it how to use metasploit with a dynamic IP address??

Hi, Most ISP providers do not allow you to do this kind of activity, and most ISP do NAT in order for you not to set up you own web-services. You should look into getting a permanent IP fro you ISP where you can host your own stuff. :) K

You can use VPS for such kind of activities ! No problem with NAT, you can use bind_tcp in that case. If your Local IP is in dynamic mode than you can use port forwarding.. and in case of ISP IP you can't use LHOST. Its like if you are changing your contact number every time than Hows possible for someone to contact you.. Simple !

Hi darkangel4 I assume you are talking about reverse_tcp payload that use DNS instead of IP.

payload/windows/meterpreter/reversetcpdns payload/windows/shell/reversetcpdns

If I remember correctly, all other payloads will replace the LHOST=DNS with the current IP resolving to this DNS.Thanks for your guidance @Eplox and @S-Connect this was exactly what i needed. Since my IP changes every time, so I need to use a different reversetcpdns for meterpreter. Much Appreciated.

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