Media Viability Controls: The viability of the data media can be preserved with numerous physical controls. The objective of these controls is to protect the media from damage during handling, short and long-term usage and transportation. Appropriate labeling of media is important in a system recovery process. Labels can be used to identify the type of media and any special instructions with regard to handling, and logging of serial numbers or bar codes for retrieval during a system recovery. Proper handling of the media is vital and requires the media with care, cleanliness, and protection from physical damage during transportation to the archive sites. Finally, storage of media in clean and dust-free environments, and if possible optimal humidity levels, will preserve their viability.

Physical Access Controls: The control of physical access to the hardware and software resources is also required. All users are required to have a certain level of control and accountability when accessing physical resources. Some personnel will require special physical access to effectively perform their functions. These include IT department personnel, cleaning and maintenance personnel, service contract personnel, as well as consultants, contractors, and temporary staff.

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