The Industry & The Problem:

In the dynamic and rapidly changing IT industry, if you do not upgrade your skills regularly you would soon become irrelevant to your organization, or even to the industry as a whole.

There is a huge demand for many courses and certifications, but the plethora of training programs available seems confusing to many."

A survey conducted in 2017 by an IT training organization, lists out various certifications that are popular among IT job aspirants and those already working but looking for better job opportunities by upgrading their skills. The survey reveals that there is a huge demand for many courses and certifications, but the plethora of training programs available seems confusing to many. Thus making it difficult to choose the right training program or certification to pursue, to reap the benefits of investing time and money on such programs.Take the confusion out of Cyber and IT training with mentor-lead curriculums to help reach your next level.However, one program that stands out from the rest and is relevant to all IT professionals irrespective of the platform or technology they work with, is the ITIL certification.

So what is ITIL?

ITIL is the acronym for “Information Technology Information Library” serves as a guide to IT services management by prescribing the best practices. Whether a company offers IT services or markets an IT service product, adopting the ITIL certified processes helps the company add value to its client’s business.  With these practices in place, an IT Services Company can easily identify the right IT strategy, plan, deliver and support their customer’s businesses efficiently. In short, these libraries help align IT services to the business requirements in the most efficient and economical way leading to improved productivity and enhanced customer experience. Therefore, business, small and big, are now adopting these time-tested and proven standards for delivering IT services. The Information Technology Information Library framework suits every industry type irrespective of the nature of their business.

ITIL Certification

ITIL is more about improving the efficiency of the business by managing the capabilities of process and people of an organization than just serving as a guide offering best practices for implementing technology solutions. Hence, earning this certification adds great value to your resume and can help you command higher package than your non–ITIL certified peers, companies offer 40% higher salaries to candidates with ITIL certification.Foundation level ITIL exam is the first step in five level certification process; according to a report, ITIL foundation certified candidates earn as much as $92,000 per year on average in the United States.Completing this level ITIL exam testifies that you have an understanding of the key components that make up the entire ITIL lifecycle, the role of various processes to the overall IT service management efficiency, and the links between these various processes, etc. It will help you identify the gaps in business demands against the services offered, so you create the right service strategies to fill the gaps.


Upon successful completion of ITIL foundation, you can expect to find high paying entry-level positions such as solutions engineer or business analyst. With some experience under your belt and higher certifications such as Practitioner level, intermediate level, expert or master level certifications will qualify you for mid-level to senior positions such as Program manager IT, Change management, Delivery manager, Director- Information technology, Independent ITIL consultant, etc.

ITIL Certification benefits

In addition to worldwide acceptance, an edge over the competition in job search, earning this certification will help you command higher salary too.  With a few years of experience and completing advanced levels of certification, you can expect to get an average annual salary of $105,000 or more.

Preparing for ITIL Foundation Certification

Cybrary, the leading Online IT training platform offers IT and cyber security related training for free. They also offer career development programs (at a cost) which include practical labs, certification exam prep, and access to mentors. The ITIL Foundation exam preparation course is one designed to help IT job aspirants get an edge over the competition by proving the knowledge required to complete the certification successfully.This free course will equip you with a strong knowledge of topics covered in the ITIL Foundation certification. At the end of the course, you will be able to offer appropriate solutions to the challenges a modern IT service manager faces in improving the overall efficiency by reducing the costs and offering an enhanced customer experience.Whether you are a student, a working professional or someone looking for better opportunities, you can complete the course at your own convenience right from home or a coffee shop.  Additionally, this course qualifies you for 3 CEU/CPE credits upon completion. All course certificates of completion can be verified by employers.You can also look at the other ITIL foundation course available for free with Cybrary.

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