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Is The Network+ Certification Worth It?

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By: Cybrary Staff

November 4, 2021

For those interested in working with wired and wireless networks (e.g., designing, managing, configuring, and troubleshooting), the CompTIA Network+ certification is a great, affordable way to advance one’s career. The accreditation allows employers, even hiring managers and recruiters who may know nothing about networking themselves, to see proof that network professionals know what they’re doing. Once obtaining the certification, professionals are well on their way toward the career they’ve dreamed about.

Why is the CompTIA Network+ Certification Worth It?

Why is the Network+ certification important? And what makes it worth the time and expense? Here are some of the major benefits one experiences after earning the Network+ certification:

  • A broad scope of knowledge– Some certifications, like Microsoft and Cisco, are specific to just one vendor. However, CompTIA certifications, like the Network+, are not vendor-specific. That means that one has a broader scope of networking knowledge, not just knowledge of one particular system.

  • Worldwide recognition– CompTIA is a globally recognized certifying association. Organizations all around the world want to hire professionals who have the endorsement of CompTIA certifications.

  • More likely to get an interview– Most hiring managers and recruiters are not technology experts, so having certifications on a resume makes it easier for them to understand one’s skills. Often, candidates for IT job interviews are screened according to who has earned certifications and who hasn’t.

  • More advancement opportunities– Cybersecurity and IT professionals often compete against one another for promotions within an organization. Those who have a Network+ or other certifications demonstrate a higher level of motivation and knowledge than their counterparts who have the same level of experience but no certifications, which is more attractive to supervisors and managers.

  • Great salaries– The annual salaries of IT professionals are typically higher than those in other industries. With the Network+ certification, one can find entry-level positions that offer great salaries and benefits.

Jobs One Can Get with a Network+ Certification

Many organizations prefer candidates with a Network+ certification. The following jobs are a few to consider as a Network+ certified IT professional:

Network Administrator– The average annual salary for a network administrator in the U.S. is $63,772. The responsibilities for this position include the daily maintenance of an organization’s network. Usually, this maintenance means monitoring network speed and how it handles the traffic load. A network administrator will also make sure that each user’s privacy is secure when using the network, handle connectivity issues, address user complaints about the network. They are usually the first member of the IT team to assess and report network issues and malfunctions.

Help Desk Technician– The average annual salary for a help desk technician in the U.S. is $54,286. Typically, a help desk technician communicates with clients to assist with technical questions or issues over the phone or online. Professionals in this role need to have excellent technical and interpersonal skills because much of their daily job relies on communicating effectively with clients.

Network Engineer– The average annual salary for a network engineer in the U.S. is $82,107. Network engineers work as part of an organization’s IT team; they are the individuals who coordinate with analysts, other engineers, and managers to ensure that the organization’s network is efficient and easy to navigate. Usually, network engineers create and configure network infrastructure and manage the installation of new networks or updates. In addition, they are responsible for diagnosing and addressing network malfunctions or issues.

Prepare for the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam with Cybrary

Becoming Network+ certified is a great start to an exciting and well-paying career. While you can easily find an IT or cybersecurity job in today’s market with only a Network+ credential, employability and earning potential will significantly increase when you seek additional certifications.

As you can see, the CompTIA Network+ certification provides benefits for you and your career. Whether just beginning or you have already been working in IT for a while, earning Network+ will help advance your career and make you even more valuable to your employer.

At Cybrary, we can help you prepare for your certification exam with our CompTIA Network+ training course. The course is self-paced and accessible online, so take all the time you need to master the skills needed for certification.

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