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Is IoT Easy to Learn?

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By: Michael Cunningham

October 20, 2020

The short, concise, and straightforward answer is "Yes" if one starts with the basics and builds a solid foundation. You are not trying to make a rocket to go to the moon. Now let us get into the fuller story.

One of the first considerations is the extent of one's knowledge base. Are you a hobbyist radio repair tech? What about an electrician? Either one of these provides a good background for the CompTIA A+ side of learning IoT fundamentals. Everything is done that relates to electrical, Networking, wifi, and general computer work gives you a better understanding of learning IoT.

After turning on the computer, then checking email, and Facebook, what's next? You're in cyberspace what to do. Don't lose hope, young padawan. It just means there's more studying to do. But that further study in no way makes it harder to learn.

Learning IoT is not brain surgery. You are learning to connect and repair the hardware used to connect devices to a computer. You are learning by using software to make them all talk to each other. By that, I mean you don't want one piece of equipment speaking one language and the other parts talking something else.

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Now that we got that issue resolved, let's continue with the Rule of KISS. KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. I am not saying anyone is stupid. I am saying that you must keep things simple, that's all. As I mentioned at the beginning, A+ is the best way to start to learn IoT. A+ is where you know the parts inside of computers and the things that connect to them. A couple of well-known IoT type devices like Amazon Alexia and Google Nest. Also, A+ shows how to install the software and configure it to work correctly. Getting a firm grasp of A+ provides the foundation for building everything in the future.

With this essential work done, the next move is either Wifi or Networking. Both are systems where the devices talk to each other. What was learned in A+ about Network Interface Cards (NIC's) and how they work comes into play here. So the basics have made Networking just that much easier for you instead 0f having to relearn it all. Take a few minutes to review the concepts and then move on to the next area; after attaining A+ and Wifi, the next move could be Networking or my favorite Security+. Additionally, it would be best to take in information about how IoT is changing almost daily. Don't miss out on something you may face soon.

I have said in the past, "The only things that make it hard are you." The Knowledge you need to learn is simple to acquire. Build your building of Knowledge one brick at a time. Learn the foundational things first so that the more challenging things are more accessible to learn when the time comes.

To wrap it up: I am not saying that everyone can learn IoT. I am saying that, imagine the challenge to be like a mountain, the heart will follow, and one will never try. That's the easiest way to fail to learn it. Don't count yourself out even before beginning. See you next time. Happy Writing!

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