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Is Ethical Hacking A Good Career?

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By: Vijay Maripi

September 22, 2021

Hacking produced numerous online crime and theft problems in IT, where the Internet brought people worldwide closer. Various alternatives and techniques that interfere with the privacy of the individual are available. Therefore, security has become a primary concern in the digital world. Even many IT companies have encountered financial losses and infringements due to security problems. The method to deal with these security issues is to understand how it functions and works accordingly. We can call this kind of hacking ethical hacking. It is legal in this digital world, and one can opt for ethical hacking as a career in this digital era.

Hacking can be defined as gaining access to unauthorized servers or computer systems and using it for malicious purposes. For example, the hacker may remove system files and steal crucial information after gaining access to a system. Hacking without permission is not legal; however, hacking with permission is classified as Ethical Hacking and is used to identify flaws in a computer system. Reputable software businesses frequently hire ethical hackers to get into their systems/servers and uncover vulnerabilities and weak endpoints to be addressed.

Benefits of choosing Ethical Hacking as a Career Opportunity

1. Know about hacking techniques to prevent being hacked

Before moving on to protecting others, one must first learn how to defend oneself. Being an ethical hacker, one can learn to safeguard others from various cybercrimes, such as password theft and social engineering. One will learn how to defend themselves against cybercrimes.

2. Always challenging tasks

Ethical hacking is always challenging. If one gets used to new challenges, there is always have scope to learn new techniques and enhance knowledge every time. With existing dangers evolving into new ones and black hat hackers devising various further attacks, you'll need to do a lot of thinking. It's also unlike your typical brainstorming session because, as an ethical hacker, you'll have to remedy the mistakes made by attackers, which needs a creative approach.

3. Knowing different ways to hack new technologies

Learning ethical hacking can explore how technologies work and determine ways to exploit the technology through new vulnerabilities. Finding vulnerabilities helps everyone to patch or update their technologies. In this digital era, no one can determine who can or cannot be hacked. There is no technology that is unhackable when it is connected to the internet. Learning ethical hacking will also help in the following ways:

  • One can know how to hack old/newer versions of wif technologies
  • One can defend their wifi from being hacked
  • Can able to hack/defend mobile technology
  • Can able to design approaches to protect the attackers from hacking
  • Testing online websites to find new vulnerabilities

Learning different types of hacking helps one to increase the scope and to improve their career.

4. Companies provide good salaries

Learning ethical hacking allows securing a job in reputed firms with good salary benefits. There are only some professionals with IT security knowledge globally, and there are many job opportunities to grab. There is a greater demand for Cybersecurity specialists than there is supply. That may be why firms are willing to spend a high cost to recruit their Cybersecurity team to protect their data from black hat hackers.

5. Various industry opportunities

A security researcher is necessary for every firm. Whether it's a social networking company, shopping site, car manufacturing firm, or something so simple as an online website, they are prone to hackers if they have a website or deal with a lot of customer's data. Many sectors, not simply in the IT sector, are in search of an ethical hacker. Not being confined to a domain is a beautiful reason for learning ethical hacking.

6. Creating multiple streams to earn

One can use ethical hacking knowledge to hack websites ethically to find vulnerabilities and submit them to the respective organization through reputed websites like Hackerone and Bugcrowd. Finding vulnerabilities will lead to large payouts ranging from 0 dollars to 1 million dollars. Using this knowledge, one can have a full-time job and participate in bug bounty programs to earn money and improve IT security skills.

7. Recognition

One can use their hacking knowledge to do pen-testing for different online websites listed on many bug bounty platforms. These bug bounty platforms will recognize the security researcher by giving hall of fame and huge payouts for finding new vulnerabilities. This hall of fame will provide worldwide recognition of their skills. Sometimes there is a chance of delivering full-time opportunities to become a researcher for their company.

8. The epic feel of being an ethical hacker

An ethical hacker works for a better purpose. When he discovers and successfully exploits a vulnerability in a system, he reports it to the appropriate people instead of a hacker who uses it for personal gain. In essence, an ethical hacker protects an organization and enjoys the sense of excitement of hacking into a system.

9. Become a Certified ethical hacker

A certified ethical hacker is one of the best certifications of all the available ethical hacking certifications, which is known and acceptable across the globe. It is intended to determine whether one, as a hacker, has a solid understanding of the threats, risks, and security issues. Showing this certificate can help you get a long way in your successful career, as well as a lot of demand from large corporations. If you've looked around for jobs, you've probably noticed that most non-government jobs require this type of candidate. If a candidate has such certification, they have a better chance of being chosen.

10. Understand the possibilities of how an attacker can hack

The primary advantage of mastering ethical hacking is understanding and learning how networks of companies are defended. The greatest threat in any company is an attacker (who hacks without authorization) regarding cybersecurity. Ethical hackers can help to protect, identify and prioritize possible threats by learning how they function. In practice, all attacks from a network cannot be removed. However, with the ability to ethically hack, cybersecurity professionals can minimize the potential threat and allocate limited resources that lessen the likelihood of a successful attack. Ethical hacking training can assist network advocates in establishing such a way of thinking.

Nowadays, there is tremendous growth in cybersecurity, and for ethical hackers, enroll in an online course to learn to hack and become certified as an ethical hacker.

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