The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) credential is a vendor-neutral certification that demonstrates proficiency in information system control and risk management. ISACA developed CRISC for IT professionals who help organizations with information systems by implementing controls and mitigating business risks.

Why Is CRISC Important?

As more and more of our personal and work lives become digital, protecting data has become critical for organizations. Risk management is a huge part of most organizations’ operations, considering the ever-increasing amount of cybercrime – especially data theft and fraud. Any data breach can cause significant financial losses and even bankruptcy for organizations. Businesses that cannot keep their data secure are seen as untrustworthy and disreputable, which can mean their end.

As a result, individuals who are CRISC certified are in high demand. Information security professionals with the CRISC credential are proven to be knowledgeable about IT risks, how they might impact an organization, and how to develop and implement mitigation strategies to keep data safe.

CRISC certification provides the following for IT professionals:

  • Proof of the knowledge and expertise required to be a risk professional.

  • A competitive advantage over non-certified candidates applying for positions or promotions.

  • Increased professional value within their organizations.

  • Access to ISACA’s global community of knowledge, including the latest trends and innovations in IT risk management.

  • Assurance of maintaining a high level of professional conduct according to ISACA’s requirements for ethics and continuing education.

What Types of Jobs and Salary Do CRISC Certified Professionals Get?

Most individuals pursuing IT certifications do so because they know it will benefit their employability and advance their careers. However, obtaining certifications takes time, effort, and money, so many people wonder if the benefits of certification are worth it. The simple response is yes, IT certifications, including the CRISC credential, are worth it.

The CRISC certification can qualify individuals for career advancement in numerous different roles, including:

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Operations Manager
  • Information Control Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Security Auditor
  • Security Director
  • System Engineer
  • Network Architect
  • Enterprise Leadership

According to ZipRecruiter, CRISC certified employees earn an average salary of $132,266 annually, with some salaries reaching as much as $192,000 per year.

What Are the Benefits of CRISC Certification?

Individuals who become CRISC certified have the potential to enjoy some immediate benefits, including:

  • Stronger, more robust resume– Including CRISC certification on a resume sets candidates apart from other applicants. Hiring managers and recruiters often use certifications to narrow down candidates before interviewing.

  • Higher salary and earning potential– IT professionals in general earn salaries that are higher than national averages. As an advanced-level certification, earning the CRISC credential can provide a healthy pay increase for employees with their current employers and even more with future roles.

  • Better job opportunities and advancement– The CRISC certification could allow individuals to attain promotions within their organizations or new positions with other companies.

  • Increased risk management knowledge– Of course, becoming CRISC certified assures that individuals have a wide range of information security control and risk management skills. ISACA’s continuing education requirements ensure that certified individuals are up-to-date with the latest related technologies and trends, so they stay relevant and valuable to their organizations even as technology advances.

Why Choose Cybrary for CRISC Training?

Successfully passing the CRISC certification exam takes time and preparation. It is known to be a rather rigorous examination relative to some others available. That means that candidates must be proficient with the material and skills and fully prepared for the test to earn their credentials. At Cybrary, we dedicate ourselves to providing learners with high-quality training courses to help them earn certifications and advance their cybersecurity careers. Our CRISC training course is comprehensive and taught by a subject matter expert. Like all of our courses, this course is online and self-paced, making it convenient for learners with busy schedules.

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