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Is CompTIA Certification Worth It?

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By: John Nguyen

May 13, 2020

Certifications from CompTIA like A+, Network+, and Security+, are among the most popular credentials that are sought after by students who are just beginning their IT career. As the leading provider of IT certification programs, CompTIA also has more advanced certifications available for IT professionals who are farther along their career paths. Despite the popularity, you may still be wondering if earning CompTIA certifications is worth the time, effort, and cost, especially when you see experienced IT professionals who have worked their way up from the bottom without these certifications.

There are numerous reasons that getting CompTIA certifications is worth it. While there are some individuals who have become successful in their IT careers without them, more employers are requiring their employees to have them,they look great on your resume, and as a result, they will help you advance from entry-level up the career ladder quicker. But that’s not all. There are additional reasons CompTIA certifications are worth it, below are a handful of them.

Benefits of CompTIA Certifications

If you’re not sure about whether you should pursue CompTIA certifications, the following reasons will help you see the value you’ll get by attaining these certifications:

Increased Credibility

CompTIA is a well-known and respected association that is recognized worldwide. When you have certifications from a trusted organization like this, it naturally follows that your credibility as an IT professional will also increase. As a result, you will be seen as a valuable asset toyour organization, prospective employers, and amongst your peers.

Personal Satisfaction

Perhaps the biggest benefit of earning CompTIA certifications is the personal satisfaction you will get from doing so. While you may not put this at the top of your list, confidence plays a huge part inthe advancement of your career. When you have confidence in your skills and abilities, you are more likely to come across as competent and enthusiastic. Those are attributes that will help you get and keep the job you want.

Professional Development

Your career path has to have space in it for training opportunities and continued learning if you want it to advance. Employers want to see that you are dedicated to furthering your career. CompTIA certification isn’t just for IT rookies, it’s essential for all levels of expertise. It shows upward mobility and the desire to take on more responsibilities. With CompTIA, you can obtain as many certifications as you want, making you a more well-rounded IT professional an providing long-term professional growth.

Higher Earning Potential

All IT certifications, including those from CompTIA, make you more valuable to employers, which means they are willing to pay you more for your expertise. Studies show that having even one IT certification can give you a significant bump in salary over what noncertified employees with the same level of experience earn. With multiple certifications, that bump only increases.

Demand for Certified IT Professionals

Most employers that are hiring for IT positions will have a list of requirements that candidates must have to be eligible to apply. Often, the list consists of education, work experience, and skillset requirements. However, more organizations are adding specific certification requirements to that list. Certifications demonstrate that candidates have the skills and knowledge that the employer wants. It’s hard proof, not just words on your resume.

Increased Job Opportunities

There is no doubt about it, having IT certifications will give you an advantage over your non-certified peers. Even if the position you are applying for doesn’t require you to have certifications, hiring managers and recruiters will put you higher on the list than candidates who don’t have them. CompTIA certifications validate your knowledge and skills in specific aspects of IT. They are stamps of approval, and employers appreciate that.

Career Path Options

CompTIA offers a wide range of certifications that can be combined, which means that you have many options when it comes to your personal career path. Even if you decide to change your career path sometime down the line, you can rest assured that the certifications you’ve already obtained won’t go to waste. The knowledge you’ve gained will only help you be a better IT professional, adding even more value to yourself for employers.

Prepare for CompTIA Certification Exams with Cybrary

As you can see, CompTIA certifications provide many advantages for you and your career. Whether you are just starting out or you have been working in IT already, attaining certificationswill help you advance your career and make you even more valuable to the organization you work for.

While studying for your certification exams takes time and effort, Cybrary can help make it easier. We have CompTIA certification training courses to help ensure that you are fully prepared to pass certification exams and earn your credentials. If you are serious about your IT career, don’t delay starting the certification process, it will be worth it.

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