Earning the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification is a proven way to advance your information security career. The credential proves that you have the skillset needed to design, manage, and secure important data, infrastructure, and applications in the cloud by using the policies and procedures and best practices developed by (ISC)2.

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2, is a nonprofit organization that trains and certifies cybersecurity professionals. It is a well-regarded certifying agency that is valued worldwide, and the CCSP certification is considered the top (ISC)2 certification by many information security professionals. In fact, the CCSP is ranked number one in Certification Magazine’s top 75 certifications list for 2021.

What is the CCSP Certification?

The CCSP is a vendor-neutral certification that focuses on cloud security. The certification was introduced by (ISC)2 in 2015 and has been in use since. It was developed to address the issues and challenges found in cloud computing. The CCSP isn’t a beginner-level certification; it is aimed at people who already have IT and information security work experience.

The CCSP certification validates candidates’ knowledge and skills in cloud design, security, access controls, operations, systems security, and organization of cloud services. The certification covers six domains, which are:

  • Cloud data and security
  • Cloud application security
  • Legal risk and compliance
  • Cloud security operations
  • Cloud concepts architecture and design
  • Cloud platform and infrastructure security

Why Become CCSP Certified?

The CCSP is a certification that is worth attaining. Here are some reasons why:

CCSPs are in high demand.

Cloud computing has grown over recent years, and more organizations use it than ever. As a result, more businesses are looking to hire tech employees who have comprehensive cloud computing knowledge. They need information security professionals to make sure that all digital assets are protected and secure – even those in the cloud.

Because there is a high level of skill needed to become CCSP certified, and CCSPs are at the forefront of emerging and new technologies and potential security threats, organizations want employees with that certification. Currently, there are more openings for CCSP certified professionals than there are openings to fill them, making cloud security positions some of the most in-demand in the country.

Validates Cloud Proficiency and Professionalism

The CCSP is a globally recognized certification from a reputable certifying association, the (ISC)2. From the time it was launched in 2015, the number of candidates to earn the CCSP has grown quickly. That’s because more and more organizations have begun using cloud computing, and they need qualified security professionals to ensure that their data stays protected. Certification is evidence that you have the skillset to do that.

Better Earning Potential

Having the CCSP credential is not only beneficial for career advancement but also for earning potential. Like most IT and information security jobs, those that require the CCSP certification pay well. In fact, the average salary in the US for individuals who have the CCSP certification is $119,000. That is significantly higher than the national average annual salary for Americans, and it doesn’t take into account any previous work experience or other certifications you may have.

Sought By Various Industries

The CCSP designation proves to potential employers that you have senior-management capabilities and knowledge to ensure that the data going into the cloud is secure. It’s an ideal credential for any position that requires expertise in cloud security, including jobs like a cloud engineer, cloud manager, and security director.

Any industry that uses cloud computing has a need for information security professionals with the CCSP certification. That means that you could find yourself working for just about any type of employer. The broad-based approach of the CCSP means that businesses can use nearly any cloud service provider, even switching providers, and still be able to rely on their CCSP to have the knowledge they need to perform their role.

Preparing for Your CCSP Certification Exam

The Certified Cloud Security Professional training course by Cybrary provides students with training that is comprehensive and convenient. It teaches all the concepts and skills that are needed to successfully pass the CCSP exam online and at your own pace. The course can be accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Take practice tests with Cybrary before your official CCSP test, so you know what to expect and where you need more study. Enrolling in the CCSP training is easy; just click the Sign-Up button at the top of this screen.

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