This week, we will be launching a long-awaited update to the Cybrary Learner Experience: the part of the app where learners watch videos, answer challenge questions, etc. Among other changes (enumerated in full below) this update will embed Cybrary’s new in-house lab platform directly within the Learner Experience UI, providing learners with a frictionless blend of theory and practice-oriented learning activities in a single interface.

The new Cybrary Learner Experience marks a major milestone in our ongoing efforts to elevate hands-on learning and measurement as guiding tenets of Cybrary’s mission. As the next step in this process, we will be releasing several new virtual labs over the coming months. These labs will further expand our Learn, Practice, Prove philosophy with a consistent and intentional learning design, where problem-solving and practical skills development are at the heart of the learning experience. The first ten lab releases are listed below, with several more to follow:

  • Nmap Basics
  • Wireshark Basics
  • Network Reference Models
  • Cryptography Basics
  • Symmetric Cryptography
  • Asymmetric Cryptography
  • Cryptographic Hash Functions
  • IDS Basics
  • Firewall Basics
  • Vulnerability Scanner Basics

For anyone interested in seeing the new Learner Experience and Cybrary Labs in action, check out the Nmap Basics lab at We look forward to your feedback!

Detailed Changes

  • The Navigation controls (Next Lesson / Previous Lesson) have been moved to the top bar.
  • The Course Outline, Overview, and Resources sections from the side panel have been moved to a new modal accessed from the top bar.
  • Challenge Questions have been moved to a new tab in the side panel titled Tasks.
  • For all video-based lessons and text-based lessons without Challenge Questions, the Tasks tab will include an explicit Task for watching the entire video or reading the lesson.
  • Learning activities containing Cybrary-hosted labs will display the lab in the center pane, while Instructions controls will be displayed in the side panel alongside Tasks.

Upcoming Enhancements

  • Virtual Machines will be listed in a Machines tab alongside the Instructions and Tasks tabs in the side panel.
  • A Clipboard transfer tool will be added to the Machines tab to facilitate text transfer between the user’s browser and remote virtual machines.
  • A “double-wide” side panel view will be added to allow learners to see the Instructions and Tasks tabs or Tasks and Machines tabs simultaneously.
  • Ongoing performance enhancements for load time and screen resizing.
  • Improved Tasks UI, including individual Submit buttons for each question.

Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months!

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