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Introducing Goals: Connecting team learning to on-the-job outcomes

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By: Cybrary Announcement

April 28, 2021

Cybrary’s new Goals feature makes it easy to measure and demonstrate the impact of cybersecurity training and skills development

As organizations expand, business leaders are held accountable for their teams’ increased performance and overall development, but many struggle to ensure their teams are putting in the work necessary to develop their skills and add value to the business. Given the flexibility of online learning platforms where employees can learn off-the-clock, few managers have the time to follow up and track progress of individual team members. So, how are busy leaders able to justify training and skill development expenses that they can’t measure and struggle to accurately qualify and quantify the impact made on their organization?

Most organizations invest heavily in training to help their teams develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to accomplish strategic business objectives. Whether this concerns earning industry-standard certifications to bolster professional credibility or providing learning opportunities to increase employee retention, leaders must find a way to tie their training and skills development programs into desired business outcomes.

Set Goals, Drive Outcomes

In response to valuable customer feedback, Cybrary is proud to announce the launch of the new Goals feature to help team leaders tackle the ongoing challenges they face when building high performance teams.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Goals allows team administrators to create goals and measure progress, for individual and team learning activities, toward specific on-the-job outcomes. Managers can select a desired outcome, set a deadline, prescribe relevant learning content, and monitor progress along the way. Admins can currently set any of the following desired outcomes:

  • Complete a minimum number of learning hours
  • Earn a minimum number of continuing education units (CEUs)
  • Complete the preparations for a certification exam
  • New hire onboarding

Goals also offers a reliable way to keep teams motivated, as well as hold individual employees accountable by ensuring they are putting in the time and effort needed to learn and expand their mission-critical cybersecurity skills. Managers can also enjoy the flexibility to set quarterly or annual goals that align with the professional development plans of their teams. They can then reference these in one-on-one meetings and performance reviews.

Making a strong case for training and skills development

Team leaders often depend heavily on training programs to get new employees up to speed and to upskill current ones to fill knowledge gaps in the organization. However, they need an easy way to track and measure performance to acquire the necessary budgets and demonstrate ROI.

Simply meeting learning hour requirements alone is not enough for most teams to convince key stakeholders to invest in comprehensive training across an organization. By demonstrating real progress toward top-level business goals, whether those include reducing time for new hires to reach operational readiness or ensuring employees are ready for certification exams, your teams are empowered to shift from mere learning activity tracking to measuring outcomes achieved from continued learning. With that in mind, Goals has been designed to:

  • Improve accountability: Align goals with your team’s professional development plans and reference in reviews.
  • Visualize progress: Monitor and drill down into your team’s progress toward set goals, then leverage our intuitive reporting to highlight your team’s achievements to key stakeholders.
  • Shift from outputs to outcomes: Demonstrate training effectiveness and ROI by translating your team’s learning activities into tangible outcomes.

Cybrary makes it easier than ever for training leaders to demonstrate the impact of their team’s learning. See for yourself how the Goals feature works and how Cybrary can help your team develop the skills required to advance strategic business initiatives. Get in touch with a member of our team today to learn more.

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