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How To Study For The CompTIA Network+ Exam

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By: Cybrary Staff

November 8, 2021

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) certifications are some of the most trusted and sought-after credentials in the world. The Network+ certification is a beginner-level designation that validates a certificate holder's proficiency in installing, managing, maintaining, configuring, and maintaining network infrastructures. To earn the Network+ certification, one has to pass an official certification exam. While the CompTIA Network+ certification is an entry-level credential, that does not mean that the test will be easy. Preparing for the exam requires specific knowledge and skills, which need study and practice.

How Hard is the Network+ Certification Exam?

It's hard to specify the level of difficulty of the Network+ exam because it can be very different for each individual. However, most people who have taken the test agree that there are some aspects of it that are challenging. This is especially true when taking the exam without attending a training course or studying sufficiently. Additionally, not having a background in IT can make the exam more challenging. That's why it's important to have proper instruction when learning the necessary networking skills before taking the Network+ certification exam.

It's always a good idea to learn Network+ skills from an experienced subject matter expert in an online or in-person training course. That ensures the right material is studied and proper instruction is presented. Keep in mind that studying for Network+ doesn't require that one be an expert in specific areas; instead, it validates one's understanding of networking basics.

Study Strategies for the Network+ Certification Exam

Having a plan for studying and taking tests is essential for Network+ and other exams taken throughout one's cybersecurity career. The following tips will help establish the best strategy:

Use the right resources– There is an abundance of information available about networking. However, it's important to find quality resources from highly regarded organizations. Cybrary is a leading provider of cybersecurity training, including Network+, and is a perfect study option for individuals who want to earn IT certifications.

Make the most of your study time– A comprehensive understanding of the Network+ certification exam objectives is needed. Simply looking over the material and learning major concepts can allow important information to slip through the cracks. For some individuals, it may be tempting to minimize or skip sections that are not interesting to them. To avoid that, try to find ways to study that maintain focus and attention. People learn in different ways. Some may know what works best for them already, or they may need to test different methods to determine how they learn best.

Prepare for performance-based questions- Network+ test-takers agree that the performance-based questions on the exam are the most challenging. This type of question simulates a real-world issue that has to be solved in the IT work environment. This shows how well one can troubleshoot and problem-solve. Practicing performance-based questions helps one be better prepared.

Become familiar with the exam format– Knowing what to expect when taking the exam will help calm any anxiety one has about the exam. One technique is taking practice exams that allow one to encounter different questions and get familiar with what one will encounter on the official exam.

Study for the Network+ Exam with Cybrary

All IT and cybersecurity professionals need to have the CompTIA Network+ certification, and there is no better time for you to attain it. Cybersecurity professionals are in demand, and there is a shortage of people to fill all the job openings, making it an excellent and potentially lucrative career choice. If you are planning to earn your Network+ certification, Cybrary has the training course you need. Our CompTIA Network+ course provides all the training you'll need to take the certification exam and earn your credential. With the Network+ certification, you are much more appealing to potential employers and hiring managers. It's a certification that is worth it for your career.

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