how to hack a pc which is on different network and is there any way to trace and hack pc if mac id is known??

There's lots of ways but each involve a level of knowledge to vulnerabilities of your target. If this is for malicious purposes though you won't get any help. You could reverse the IP from the MAC address, then find a vulnerability such as XSS or SQL Injection that allows you to enter or upload a payload to that address through a website or network, use that as a backdoor to get in and voila as long as it's not found out and is running, you have access. It's no simple task though without prior knowledge.

You won't be able to get the IP from MAC address if you're on a different network.

easy way to do is make target to browse a website where you have set payload or make them to install malware.

Tools Required For Attacking On Someone Through MAC address. First What is mac address?

> mac address is unique identity of computer

MAC address hacking is posible as i have experienced hacking a Mikrotik OS through MAC Address. All you need to be in LAN OR you need his IP, AnD then You Need Armitage Or Metasploit Fired. Ok let us start. 1. scan the IP using NMAP or Armitage > get info sudo nmap -sP -n /24 2. if you are in lan you can use tool named netcut. ( i used this for Mikrotik Hacking ) 3. You Can Use Meterpreter reversetcp in metasploit 4. or you can visit my profile and see Metasploit Article to know more. Thanks And don't hesitate to ask more further. -- Multi THinker @mrclark is right, I missed the point of it being on a different network.

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