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How To Get Certified As An AWS Solutions Architect

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By: Vijay Maripi

May 12, 2021

Most of the world's organizations now operate part of their computing environments in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. More organizations are integrating AWS to run and maintain their services every day. That's why gaining an AWS certification can be a good investment when looking for a new IT career, changing to your current company's unique role, or wanting to grow in your current position.

The "AWS Accredited Solutions Architect - Associate" certification is among the most in-demand qualifications for cloud engineers. This blog is all about earning AWS Solutions Architect certification - knowing why this certification is valuable and how it helps career growth.

The sections are as follows:

  1. Exam pattern for AWS Solutions Architect
  2. Abilities Verified by the Certification
  3. Prerequisites and Eligibility
  4. Hands-on practice
  5. Read the AWS white papers
  6. Recommended Knowledge for certification

Exam pattern for AWS Solutions Architect

  • Fee: $150
  • Duration: 130 Minutes
  • Format: Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Type: Associate

This certification validates one's knowledge of how to build and deploy systems in the AWS cloud. The "AWS Solution Architect" exam will have questions about cloud-based deployment solutions that comply with strict criteria and enables you to demonstrate knowledge of best practices in architecture. This cert is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

Abilities Verified by the Certification

  • Demonstrating knowledge on how to effectively architect and execute safe and stable AWS technology applications.
  • Defining a solution based on customer requirements using architectural design principles.
  • Providing the company with implementation guidelines focused on best practices during the life cycle of the project.

Prerequisites and Eligibility

Before attempting the architect exam, one should be familiar with AWS cloud basics. The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification will demonstrate one's foundational knowledge or experience.

The "AWS Solutions Architect" assessment is for individuals who perform a solution architect's function and have some years of hands-on experience in designing AWS distributed systems that are usable, cost-effective, fault-tolerant, and scalable.

The "AWS Solutions Architect" certificate is ideal for someone who wants a general understanding of the AWS platform in a non-technical role. For example, when a discussion touches on a customer's AWS finances, IT salespeople can learn to talk with trust and authority. Certification can also help finance, management, and business positions interact more effectively with their IT colleagues.

Hands-on practice

For the AWS solutions architect exam, most of the questions are scenario-based, which suggests that the most important thing for passing the exam is practical experience.

The following can help to acquire the expertise and knowledge needed to pass the exam:

  • Capability to recognize and specify technical specifications for an application based on AWS.
  • Hands-on experience with AWS services for computing, networking, storage, database services.
  • AWS deployment and management services.
  • The ability to determine which AWS services comply with a given technical requirement, and
  • Knowledge of best practices recommended on the AWS platform for the production of safe and secure applications.

Cybrary provides labs to practice and get experience with some of the concepts related to AWS.

Read the AWS white papers

Reading the following white papers will help anyone get more ideas on scenario-based questions and knowledge to pass the exam.

  • AWS well-architected framework
  • AWS storage services
  • AWS cloud best practices

You can find these and more white papers at

Recommended knowledge for certification

The following areas of knowledge are necessary for achieving certification:

  • Understanding the fundamental architectural concepts of building on the AWS Cloud
  • The global infrastructure of AWS
  • Network technologies related to AWS
  • Security features
  • AWS resources and how they relate to conventional services

Cybrary is one of the world's leading cybersecurity and IT training networks, providing IT training courses for beginners and qualified professionals in the sector. Everyone can take advantage of resources and be competitive in the industry. Make sure to enroll in an online course and gain the potential to earn your AWS Solutions Architect cert.

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