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How Strong is Your Least Privilege Program?

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By: Thycotic

May 15, 2020

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Our new co-published report with Cybrary explores least privilege strategies and why companies need to make it a priority.

Most organizations struggle with complexity and user complaints when implementing a least privilege security strategy

  • 67% say least privilege is either a top or urgent priority for their organization
  • 20% have already tried and failed to implement a least privilege security strategy
  • 36% say threats from employees and third parties drives need for least privilege
  • 22% say compliance is their main concern triggering least privilege security projects

Overall, this new least privilege security survey report shows overprivileged users are still a big challenge for IT professionals

The continued persistence of overprivileged users might be explained by the pressure on IT departments to keep users working despite the risks. However, implementing least privilege by removing most or all user privileged access can create immediate pushback. According to the survey, 20% of respondents have already tried and failed to implement a least privilege initiative.

At a time when we are experiencing a record number of people required to work remotely, it’s imperative that organizations use all the tools at their disposal to enforce least privilege while maintaining user productivity.

Already read the report? Start your Least Privilege journey with our Least Privilege Discovery tool to see which IT systems and users have higher privileges than they need.

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