The Network+ certification is an essential credential for all IT and cybersecurity professionals. It is awarded by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a training and certifying organization that focuses on the unification and communication of the global technology community. The Network+ certification is just one of many credentials that CompTIA offers to IT professionals to prove that they have a specific set of skills, making it easier for employers, hiring managers, and recruiters to ensure they hire knowledgeable and competent employees.

Of course, training and certification are not free. There are expenses along the way that one should know about ahead of time. But first, it’s good to know what exactly you’ll be paying for.

What is the CompTIA Network+ Certification?

The CompTIA Network+ certification is an entry-level credential that validates an individual’s technical skills in securely establishing, maintaining, and troubleshooting network infrastructures relied on by companies for their daily operations. The Network+ certification is vendor-neutral, which means that certified professionals have the knowledge to support networks on any platform. Additionally, this certification indicates that credentialed employees have the hands-on skills required in current networking environments.

The official Network+ certification exam is a computer-based test with 90 questions. Test-takers have 90 minutes to complete the exam, and they will get their scores immediately upon completion. Questions include multiple-choice and performance-based (simulating real-world networking issues that must be mitigated). A passing score on the Network+ exam is 720 on a scale of 100-900. While not required, the recommended prerequisites are 9 to 12 months of networking experience and having already attained CompTIA A+ certification.

How Much Does the CompTIA Network+ Certification Cost?

While this is a straightforward question, the answer isn’t quite so simple. There isn’t a specific dollar amount one pays to become Network+ certified. The expense of certification depends on how one plans to prepare for the official certification exam.

To take the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, one first has to buy an exam voucher. The cost of the voucher is $338, which can be bought at the CompTIA Store. Once purchased, the voucher must be used within 12 months before it expires, and another one must be bought. With the voucher, one can sign up for the exam at a Pearson VUE testing center.

Failing the certification exam requires the purchase of another voucher to retake the test. That’s why it is so important to be fully prepared when taking the exam. It increases one’s chances of passing on the first try and prevents paying for an additional voucher.

To become fully prepared for the Network+ certification exam, it’s recommended that candidates take a training course that includes exam preparation. This may be the largest expense in attaining certification. Network+ exam prep training courses vary widely in cost. Some courses are free, and there are courses and boot camps that may cost as much as several thousand dollars. Some of the paid courses may include the cost of the certification exam or provide discounts for purchasing vouchers. It is worth the time to shop around and find the best and most affordable option for training.

Remember, what one pays for training doesn’t always indicate the quality of the course. Be sure to research the reputation, ratings, and reviews when choosing the institution used for training.

Cybrary’s CompTIA Network+ Training

Even though the Network+ certification is likely among the first of many certifications you will obtain throughout your cybersecurity career; it is a significant one. It proves that you have fundamental networking knowledge and skills, which are essential skills that all IT professionals need to have to be successful in their careers.

Earning your CompTIA Network+ certification is easier when you prepare with Cybrary’s self-paced, online training. Our Network+ course is facilitated by a subject matter expert who provides all the information and instruction needed to be better prepared for the official certification exam. Like all the courses in our extensive library, this course is available whenever you are, so you can work through the course material as quickly or as slowly as you need to.

While there is a cost to become Network+ certified, the expense is a valuable investment in your IT or cybersecurity career.

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