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How Long Does It Take To Learn IoT

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By: Michael Cunningham

February 3, 2021

In this world of cyberlearning, brick and mortar schools and hybrids schools. It is tough to nail it down. It goes back to what I have stated many times before. Brick & Mortar schools will take much longer when compared to online. To watch all the IoT training videos on YouTube will take six weeks to two months. At least for me, it was fun to watch during my spare time.

When considering that most Brick & Mortar schools are for getting a degree: Community Colleges for Associate (Two years) Degrees and Universities for BAS (four years). One has a set timeline. Most online courses are self-paced: so there is no fixed timeline. The exception to this goes back to who produces the systems. Those who sign up for a college or university online course of study are more locked into their timeline. The only wiggle room to have is if they allow you to "challenge" all or part of a particular course. For example, let's say you are self-taught HTML but have not taken a formal course in it. Then the school's class requires you to take an HTML course. They may or may not allow you to test out of part or all of the system. If they enable testing out and pass their test or tests, then the course is much shorter. But when planning on taking these types of classes: plan for the maximum time. That way, you're not disappointed along the way by planning on "testing out" a course and finding out later that a particular instructor doesn't allow it.

When signing up for IoT courses from an online school such as Cybrary: Usually it is self-paced. It is built around studying a subject while working a job. But, if your work-to-free time is limited, have a plan and stick to it. Let's say that you only have ten hours a week to study. At that rate could take as long as a year to learn all the areas of IoT. If you have, say, thirty hours a week, somebody could be done in maybe four to six months. Other factors play into self-paced study times. First, consider family time. How much time can be spared away from what needs to be done for or with your family? Most people take vacations when the weather is nice they want to go to the lake or camping every so often. Or like here in Colorado skiing during the winter months. Then there is an important job.

I work for a multinational eCommerce company: so peak service time varies. It is usually an eight-hour a day job from March to August: with the opportunity to take an extra day or two off a week without hurting production. From the middle of August until March, we are in our Blackout or "peak" period. Our work level doubles or triples: any extra time for much outside of work is taken away. At those times, the additional cost for taking courses would be either giving up any time with family or giving up sleep. I am not trying to scare you away from online courses: I am a great lover of them myself. I am telling you that you are armed with the best information I can provide you on making choices regarding where to take classes.

I want you to honestly face the questions about where and when to take courses straight. Everything must be taken into account to make the best choices for you and your family's future. I am hoping you could come into the IT field with your eyes wide open. Enjoy the world I see every day.

Thanks for reading today. I hope it helped some.

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