HoneyBOT is a medium interaction honeypot for windows.It is a fake device occurrence on our local network. The device works as a target for hackers and to get what they want from fake data on the device. This is great to learn how the hacker thinks and what his intent is with our device and data. Also, we can learn how the hacker broke it and what errors that may have been skipped after that.This technique has been used in several ways, such as the overthrow of the dissidents and their legal conviction or criminal investigation, etc.The honeypot can help network administrators protect network-connected devices, for example:The hacker will check the open ports or protect your device and will penetrate it already and here will fall foul, then you will follow him and know where lies the weakness of your protection of the network or system and through it will do good protection and correct the errors found.HoneyBot Types:1. Low-interaction Honeypots: These give some privileged access to the fake device for a hacker if he falls in the trap. Like, get a small amount of data.2. High-Interaction Honeypots:Give full access to the fake device for a hacker if he falls in the trap. But this type is risky because you may fall into the trap so he can hack to your computer, not simply the fake device.

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