is there any possibility that cybrary send us the printed certificate?

Hi mradil, you can download and print the certificate into any paper type you want only if you need to print it. Remember we need to keep the green around us. Print only when it is necessary. Ciao!

No, Cybrary itself does not send certificates directly to you. Instead, you're allowed to download and print them yourself at your own convenience. While I agree that it would be a bit better to have something to hang on your wall, as iheonufrank said, its better to be green about the fact than anything. At most, you could likely download the certificates and save them onto a Flash Drive for physical storage. That way, you've still got it without logging into the website every time you want to gawk at your accomplishment!

Do I need to earn some cybytes to get the certificate?

RRPARIDA, it's a small cost, but yes. Something like ten or twenty Cybytes or something for one. I forget the actual number, but it isn't a large cost - Its easy to collect "Free Cybytes". If you haven't done some of these, I highly recommend you do so.

@RRPARIDA @Gamer115x To earn a verified certification, you will need to: + Complete the course that you want the certificate for. + Earn 25 'Cybytes'. 25 Cybytes = $5.00, however if you login daily (and perform other actions for free cybytes) then you'll get there without spending a penny of real money. (Gamer115x has already given the URL to how you can earn free cybytes, simply logging in each-day will earn you cybytes.)

thx for the info and help

At how much "cost" i will get certificate.Please answer me fast i am waiting Firstly, it is not polite to necro threads. I'm not a moderator, but I say this because other forums virtually have the same etiquette rules. Among those, most posts over a year old shouldn't be brought up again without explicit reason, or by the user who started the post to begin with for good reason. It is better that if you have a question/topic to bring up, that you make your own independent post rather than necro-ing another user's post. You're more likely to get better results; plus, it's more polite that way! ^-^ Secondly, this post likely has the information you're asking about, and asking the same question (or rather a derivative of) will get you nowhere. It might help to read the information provided by the helpful users of Cybrary, or by Cybrary itself by going directly to the Cybytes Page. If you are still in the dark about the information you are asking, I suggest writing a "detailed" topic under "New to Cybrary," and not using other people's threads. Please be respectful.

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