In this post, I introduce some sensitive information- passwords usingGooglee dorks. This technique would help you in various phases of your penetration test.1.ext:sql intext:username intext:password This piece of query retrieve the clear text password of database files.ex:

mysql> SELECT FROM userss;+--------+-------------------+------------+| userid | username | password |+--------+-------------------+------------+| 1 | Barack Obama | TopSecret | | 2 | Angela Merkel | D-Mark | | 3 | Lula da Silva | sAmBa | | 4 | Fidel Castro | el Che | | 5 | Silvio Berlusconi | ruby | +--------+-------------------+------------+5 rows in set (0.00 sec)So this is an example result of just cross your fingers for more sensitive information.2.filetype:txt username password email This will retry txt files containing username, password, and email information.ex:ontrol Panel: Username: foclient Domain: Password: Z9KF7c7BZgct 1st Nameserver: 2nd Nameserver: Server IP: Customize dorks yourself for more interesting sensitive information. Thanks happy hunting...

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