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I hope you are enjoying my posts and supporting Cybrary so they stay No. 1. This time I am going to tell you something very, very interesting. If you read my article on RUDY and are still really inquisitive about cyber security and attacks, then you may be familiar with Mr. Robot. In this show, Eliot uses a device named Pwn Phone. Personally, I am falling in love with this phone and I have a dream that it could be mine. So let's take a look and learn.

The Pwn Phone is a product made by Pwnieexpress. It uses LG Nexux 5 hardware and running a Debian version of Kali Linux, developed by Pwnieexpress, named Pwnix. It is a very powerful penetration testing device which has 2 Gb RAM, 16 GB ROM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.3 GHz quad core CPU and a high-performance GPU Adreno 330, 450 MHz. It supports dual band external wireless card and includes more than 100 open source penetration testing tools like mdk3, tshark, wifite, metasploit and many more.So now the penetration testing device could be in your pocket, thanks to Pwnieexpress.More detailed information is given in the video below:

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