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Cybrary Scholars Program Recipients Announced

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By: Shelby Welty

May 14, 2020

Cybersecurity Professionals Impacted By COVID-19 Awarded Learning Resources and Mentorship to Further Career Development

With the launch of the Cybrary Scholars Program last month in response to the current health crisis and resulting economic impacts, we sought to offer a glimpse of hope to those impacted by COVID-19 and who seek careers in the Information Technology (IT) and cybersecurity fields. With more than 340 applications, multiple rounds of reviews, and hours of tough deliberation by our selection committee, we’re excited to officially announce the inaugural Cybrary Scholar Program cohort.

In no particular order, the 2020 Cybrary Scholars are as follows:

  1. Courtney G.
  2. Christian O.
  3. Mahluli S.
  4. Mathew L
  5. Shirley W.
  6. Iratxe G.
  7. Makeia J.
  8. Sarthak J.
  9. Michael F.
  10. Prabhav S.
  11. Roshan P.

These 11 cybersecurity professionals are not only extremely deserving of receiving this great opportunity, but they also exemplify dedication to the trade and embody the core values of community engagement. With very diverse backgrounds and impressive potential, the recipients hail from seven different countries, including Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa and the United States and all have up to three years of experience in cybersecurity. The application review process selected these recipients following an assessment on the applicants’ level of commitment to the IT and cybersecurity fields, community engagement, urgency of need, and impact.

As a result of their selection to the program, each recipient is receiving a free year of Cybrary’s Insider Pro membership, a year of mentorship with an experienced Cybrary community mentor, and a CompTIA Exam Voucher in order to help grow their careers.

"I am extremely grateful to be selected as a Cybrary Scholar,” said Shirley W. “This is an amazing opportunity for a beginner like me to learn, receive mentorship, and already be a part of a community as I start my journey into cybersecurity."

The Cybrary Insider Pro membership offers access to the entire Cybrary platform, allowing members to gain a community of mentors and industry peers, career development programs, hands-on virtual labs, and role-specific assessments as defined by the knowledge, skills, and abilities in the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework among others.

“The current pandemic is having far-reaching implications on countless people in our industry, whether they’ve been laid off, furloughed, experienced reduced hours, or are unable to fulfill a professional opportunity like an internship,but the Cybrary Scholars Program is specifically designed for them and it’ll hopefully it’ll offer some additional support to their IT and security careers,” said Ryan Corey, CEO and co-founder of Cybrary. “Even though we only accepted 11 scholars, we felt all of the 343 applicants should be proud of their progress in the field and continue striving to learn as much as possible, as this industry never sleeps, will continue to evolve, and remain vital to all organizations,” Corey added.

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