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Cybrary + NowSecure: Paving the Way to More Secure Mobile App Experiences

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By: Ashleigh Lee

April 6, 2020

On a mission to save the world from unsafe mobile apps, NowSecure is excited to announce a new partnership with Cybrary to enable more people – anyone, anywhere – to upskill and deliver more secure mobile apps.

A storm of mobile app security and privacy issues continues to intensify, while the skills gap widens. The launch of Cybrary’s first mobile app security learning course marks a significant step towards closing that knowledge gap and building security into mobile apps by design. The best part? It’s free!

About Mobile App Security 101

Security and development professionals have discovered that web app security practices don’t cut it for mobile. Because the tools and methodologies differ, it’s time to learn new skills leveraging the OWASP Mobile Security Project resources and patterns found testing thousands of mobile apps. In this course, you’ll learn how to crawl, walk, then run in mobile app security testing, with an end goal of having the foundational knowledge necessary to become a mobile appsec expert. Ultimately, all mobile appsec experts have to start somewhere. There’s no telling what vulnerabilities you may uncover/resolve and how your career can grow from this foundational course.

However, this course isn’t only for security professionals. Modules in this course also provide foundational security knowledge for mobile app product managers, architects and developers to weave into design requirements and coding practices. We’ve annotated them below with an asterisk (*).

Join Tony Ramirez, Senior Application Security Analyst at NowSecure, as he shares his insights for those who want to understand the why, what, and how of mobile application security testing. These details will help mobile app stakeholders understand the components of a successful mobile app security program. The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction*
  • The Mobile Landscape*
  • DeviceSec vs AppSec
  • Building Baselines*
  • Tools for Testers

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About NowSecure

Organizations choose NowSecure to minimize mobile app risk while achieving speed to market and enhancing customer satisfaction with security & privacy baked in. Through software and services purpose-built for mobile app security & privacy, teams can provide more secure mobile app experiences at the pace their workforce and customers demand. NowSecure solutions are built on decades of mobile app security experience and the genius minds behind open-source tools like Frida and Radare.

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