How do employers recognize cybrary certificate?

More than likely they won't recognize it at all. Just about every learning institution likes to give you a "course completion" certificate after undergoing training, but these are for your own records. Employers are only going to recognize certifications from certifying authorities (such as CompTIA, GIAC, EC|Council, etc.).

Would you say that its worth putting on your resume to show that you have had some form of training until you find time to get certified from CompTIA?

It wouldn't hurt to put it on there as an ongoing study (like school etc), and maybe put down estimated completion date. But I guess it also depends on the company :)

Having this kind of certificates, besides recognized ones, would show an attitude, a desire of learning, which is great. However, the way in which you obtain the certificate does not offer enough guarantee of skills assimilation. Nevertheless, this certificate can be internally used to show interest in certain disciplines in which you want take part in your company. I have just evaluated a course, and I would recommend it to every junior in the fields of incident response or malware analysis. So, these courses and the corresponding certificates are highly useful for internal training (with complementary activities like translation, further documentation, and so forth) and progressive growth. If you mention this certificate while job-hunting, be prepared to be deeply questioned about the acquire skills. I would do it, trust me.

As far as jUSt to show up your skill its ok.Coming to a particular person in job trails,i hope only vendor based certifications (COMPTIA,CISCO ETC.)might give a blow.But cybrary certifications aren't vendoe based and i hope they won't be considered.But taking them would give you a boost during your preparation.And at lat anything achieved with work will worth the value in some means,GOOD LUCK :)

I've had my first two courses (Ethical Hacking, and Web App Hacking) recognized by EC Council as continuing education courses for my CEH. I would like to take more if I can earn the cybytes. But as of the last week or so, they haven't been showing up on my account. :( BTW I've had varying costs of cybytes for certificates. What is the costs in cybytes for a course certificate? UPDATE: My social buttons now work and I can earn the 10 cybytes per day. Thanks Cybrary IT.

@agibbons What exactly is the size of the picture required to upload either as a profile photo or as a header image?I see that you have changed yours. Thanks.

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