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Course Spotlight: Student Data Privacy Governance

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By: Arun Vembanatt

November 4, 2020

Student Data Privacy Governance is one of the most discussed topics off-late.

As you may be aware, the world has gone online due to the COVID pandemic, which has affected the entire planet.

Especially for students, be it primary schooling or kindergarten, everything has become online, exposing their privacy.

I should say that the Author Ivy Nelson has done a fantastic job selecting the extremely relevant topic of student data privacy governance, and I should admit that Ivy has done a perfect job in explaining the topic deeply and lucidly.

Data is the most important thing when we talk about security, be it the credentials, secret information, trademarks…

In this course, we learn more about data related to student privacy. The following topics are covered in this course.

Course Outline

1. Federal Regulations and Student Data Privacy

a) Course Overview b) Understanding Your Data Privacy Responsibilities c) A Case Study in Understanding Your Data Privacy Responsibilities d) FERPA and Student Online Data e) COPPA and Student Online Data f) Other Federal Regulations and Student Online Data

2. Creating a Data Governance Policy

a) Defining Your Team b) Defining Your Purpose c) Defining Your Scope d) Defining Your Compliance e) Defining Your Data Lifecycle f) Defining Your Critical Incident Response

3. Data Governance Policy Supporting Documents

a) Defining Terms and Federal Regulations b) Digital Resource Acquisition Procedure c) Data Security Checklist d) Data Classification Levels e) Securing Data at Rest and Transit f) Physical Security Controls g) Asset Management h) External Threat Protection i) Account Management j) Data Systems Roles and Permissions k) Password Security l) Technology Disaster Recovery Plan m) Data Breach Response Plan

This course is divided into three modules.

In the first module, the author gives us an idea about Federal regulations such as FERPA and COPPA and student data privacy.

We refer to these regulations (FERPA) and (COPP) as compliances. Compliances are must-obey rules. Here both compliances, such as regulatory compliance and user data compliance, are explained very well.

Compliances should be managed with utmost seriousness. Any violations of compliance can lead to civil or criminal penalties and impose huge fines and legal implications.

In the second module, the author guides us on how to make a data governance policy. This module is very important because student data is at risk. So, we have to create policies and procedures on how we manage data privacy for students.

Once this module is completed, we will set up a data governance team in our organization. The steps related to it are explained very well here. The author describes who all should be involved while setting up the team.

One particular step in creating a policy is to identify the technology that we use in our organization.

In the third module, the author discusses the Data Governance Policy Supporting Documents.

In this module, we learn about things like data classification, data at rest, and data in transit. Data at rest is the data that sits idle. It can be a backup of student's data. Data in motion can be any data that travels across the network.

Here the author has been immensely successful in explaining the contents. The author's way of teaching is also superb. This course will be useful for anyone who wants to learn about student data privacy governance.

I would recommend this course for people who are interested to learn more about student data privacy.

This course also is created with high quality like other courses offered by Cybrary.

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