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Course Spotlight: Cloud Governance Principles

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By: Matt Duda

September 2, 2020

As a Cybrary user, I bet you'd agree that the cloud is the most disruptive technology many current IT professionals will encounter over the course of their entire careers. The benefits of embracing the cloud are many, and to compete successfully in today’s marketplace being 'in the cloud' must be a part of an organization’s approach to IT. But, as with all disruptive technology, the devil is in the details. What's the best path forward to gain cloud benefits without falling prey to known cloud risks? The answer, to a large degree, starts with cloud governance.

What is the Cloud Governance Priciples course about? The Cloud Governance Principles course introduces cloud governance concepts and shares why governance processes are increasingly important in cloud operations. Starting with the common problems that arise as cloud adoption scales - such as unplanned cost overruns or security misconfigurations that lead to sensitive data being exposed - this course explains how governance principles help solve these problems. You'll get best practices and practical examples of how cloud governance principles can be applied within an organization.

This course is authored by the team, and I'm the course instructor. As the Customer Training Manager at, I ensure our customers and their many users understand cloud governance and how it's applied through our platform. I've provided technical product training for 15 years for companies who solve unique problems for their customers. OK, so just what is "cloud governance"?

Cloud governance is a set of rules under which an organization can operate in the cloud to ensure ongoing compliance and long-term business objectives.

These rules fall within three pillars of governance:

  • Account Management
  • Budget Enforcement
  • Continuous Compliance

Cloud management and cloud governance are often used interchangeably, or governance is thought of as subset of management. Neither one of these is quite right though. Before you try to manage your cloud operations, you must first have governance in place to define boundaries and lay the proper foundation for cloud at scale.

Why is the course necessary today? Organizations of all sizes have embraced the cloud as the way forward for IT, and the response to the 2020 pandemic has accelerated the move of many organizations to the cloud. The benefits of the cloud are innumerable, but cloud at scale brings complexity to user access, cost control, and security boundaries. If you fail in one of these complex elements, your success is severely hampered - if not missed entirely. For example, if a budget overrun happens repeatedly, it doesn't matter how much more innovation potential or security capabilities the cloud offers over traditional IT infrastructure: adoption will stall. Likewise, if you have a big enough security incident, it doesn't matter how much money you're saving: adoption will stall and technology will revert.

Cloud governance is the first step on the path to a well-managed cloud, but many organizations struggle to implement and realize organization-wide governance across their cloud environments. The processes and practices established in the Cloud Governance Principles course provide the foundational pillars and best practices for well-built cloud governance. Who is the target audience of the course?

Many stakeholders within an organization have unique cloud needs. The CISO and CIO want to ensure corporate security and compliance policies are established and enforced. A CFO wants to ensure budgets are adhered to and costs controlled. Cloud operations leaders must manage the access and activities of users across the organization within established boundaries. End users (for example, engineers and developers) want quick and simple access to their native cloud account or subscription. In short, any IT professional looking to understand how cloud governance principles might apply in their own organization and/or career would benefit from taking the Cloud Governance Principles course.

The Cloud Governance Priciples is organized in four sections, taking you from an introduction to cloud governance through how to tackle governance challenges at scale with best practices and real-world examples:

  1. Defining Cloud Governance
  2. Journey to Cloud Adoption
  3. Challenges of Cloud Governance at Scale
  4. Cloud Governance Principles

What will I take away from this course? What will this course help prepare me to do?

You'll take away a solid understanding of cloud governance and how the three pillars of governance ensure the ability to scale your cloud use with confidence.

Security and compliance leaders, financial leaders, cloud operations managers, and cloud end users will find guidance on how governance can address their concerns and needs - while delivering desired ROI and development agility.

There are no prerequisites for the Cloud Governance Principles course, but a general working knowledge of basic cloud concepts will be helpful. is the maker of the industry-leading, multi-cloud governance solution that simplifies cloud account management, budget enforcement, and continuous compliance. We help commercial and government organizations achieve a well-governed cloud.

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