I just stumbled across these the other day, and I thought I would share because I hadn't seen it on this site. I have added this to my collection of study material. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cissp-training/id969825909?mt=2

good find!! thanks for sharing.

@stickman, are you currently studying for CISSP?

i am indeed yes! :)

@stickman, awesome! So am I. I will be taking the exam at the end of this month.

nice man, first attempt? what are you using to study? here is mine: - shon harris - official cbk (new edition with 8 domains) - cissp for dummies (5th edition with new domains) - 11th hour - kelly's videos - cissp podcasts (the ones you shared)

@stickman First attempt. - Week at the Official (ISC)^2 Seminar - Cybray videos - Sybex books - training guide and practice tests - CCCure practice tests - 11th hour 2nd edition (3rd will be out in October, I believe) - Podcasts and MP3s I have found the CCCure quizzes to be the best practice tests, but I really like the Sybex book for reference.

Nice @Walle :) How much did the seminar cost you? Know they can get quite pricey. Well done on first attempt, not many people get that right. I have tried the CCCure test but did not really help me that much and it also gets quite expensive. Will try the Sybex book. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing!

@stickman, I will be taking the exam, and it will be my first attempt. Sorry about the confusion. The seminar was at The Learning Center in Las Vegas, NV. It was taught by Ms. Barbara Johnson, CISA CISM CISSP-ISSMP CBCP MBCI. She was awesome. I think the course was around $3,700. My recommendation - don't take it unless you have someone else pay for it. There wasn't a single person in there that was paying out of pocket for the course. They were using their company or Veteran benefits. Kelly's videos and the other resources that I have mentioned seem to be on par with the course. The course came with the CBK and flashcards. The other materials, I have purchased separately. I really like the CCCure tests bc I can do them while I work. The Sybex books are great, and I use the iOS app to study while sitting around at home.

no worries i just saw i did not read properly :) wow, thats alot of money. i am funding this out of my own pocket and dont see myself paying that amount. the isc2 training, seminars, online training are quite expensive. i understand the point that these highly skilled tutors are costing them for their time but paying that kind of money to learn more about security to help others is absurd. sorry just my personal opinion. what ios app are you using? did it come with the sybex training material?

I am using the Official CISSP Training app -https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cissp-isc-2-certified-information/id1064359987?mt=8 It has the same questions that are in the Sybex book - Official Study Guide, Seventh Edition.

ah great thanks for sharing. also try pocket prep cissp app.

yeh this link is good but you need to get into it,more and more exposure needed for this course. Good going,

yep the more you cross reference the better. what i do with this podcast is i take notes while listening to it, domain by domain, helps me remembering the finer details.

Thanks for sharing!

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