I just need to know something more

what do you need to know more about? give us the topic you want know

yeah you need kinda both in future when writing exploits/keylogger or for IoT.

Uh. Learn C++ first. C will teach you bad techniques, which you shall adopt and it'll make your C++ language terrible... First C++ than C.

can you guys teach me how to hack an website ACC3NT0 thanks for your informing me because my plan is to use first the C before C++

Like ACC3NT0, after you learn C++, it will be easy to use C. C can be used the same as C++, but it doesn't have things prepackaged and the built-in error-checking the way C++ does. Both can be used to control things down at the bit level if you know what you're doing and to hang yourself if you don't. First learn good general programming in C++, then as you study security and protocols, you'll be able to apply your programming skills to enhance or break other systems and code.

Good day, My nameis Lucide and I ama student in engineerin and I am very passionate about Sciences and computers.I would like to bewocme a pro hacker .Please help me or show me how. Thanks

Hello guys my name is ash and I need to know more about c++ thanks

What's the best book to learn from for C++? I have C++ Primer Plus. Is that good or should I get something else?

want to learn programing

  1. > `#iostream;
    > Yup best advice ever. I'm following same path.
    > C is very essential to understand first, it should be the first programming language you encounter. Learn C first coz its bases of all other programming langs and then learn C++ after, then learn how to write offensive tools. Remember utilize the mornings when you wake up for harder classes.

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