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Can I Learn IoT On My Own?

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By: Michael Cunningham

May 20, 2020

Can I learn IoT alone? Learning is never alone. From the time you are born, you are learning. Those first steps you took were unaided, and your parents and grandparents helped show you what balance is. You naturally moved your feet and built up those muscles you needed to take that first step. Learning is the same in everyday life. Teachers open the doorway to the knowledge of the world, but you must open your mind to take it all in. The learning of IoT requires an out of the box style of thinking. It is so new in the world of technology. You must have the want and the passion for filling yourself with this knowledge. It would be best if you had a goal in mind.

Why should I do first? The first thing to do is form goals within yourself. Why do you want to learn IoT, and what do you want to do with this knowledge? Without establishing a working understanding of these two things, you do not have a stable pathway for you to walk on. With these in your pocket, you will know when you are doing right for yourself.

Now, what do I do? Explore! Reading this means you know how to use the tools of the internet. What will you need to learn? I can give you a few starting points of Networking, Hardware, and Software (in the tech field, we call those two together A+), security, and finally, wireless networking. Every one of these subjects is part of IoT as well as everyday computer science. It seems like a lot, but it is not if you take each one at a time. So, you might start the building of your knowledge base.

What is right for me to start learning? Well, do you like to build things or learn how they work? Then start on the CompTIA A+ because that is the basic idea behind them. Do you love connecting things? Maybe you go to the cable company store and get everything to wire your own house. After all, done and everything works right, you get a feeling of pride. Well, that is the first step in networking. Everything is inside you.

I work a full-time job. How can I do this? Hey, I am not retired. I work a full-time job, and from September to January, it is full-time and a half. I have a family and a home life. Do not put time requirements on yourself. Do you have an hour a night? All classes should self-paced with no pressure on you to finish in a month or six months. You already have this kind of strength within you. You must draw on that strength.

The photo finishes! I am not trying to “sell” you on learning IoT. What I am trying to sell you on is yourself. We all learn individually, and sometimes, we do so alone. What matters is the support, the answers to questions, and the pat on the back. I cannot walk the road for you. I can only pick you up when you stumble. Your family is one of the most influential support networks you can have. You so got this attitude they will bring to you is priceless. Next, look for courses that fit you. You are the mold, and the classes must suit you. So, you do not feel like you are forcing yourself to log on. Forcing yourself to study something because you must do not work. You must have the want to explore inside you.

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