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Can I Learn Cybersecurity On My Own?

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By: Joshua Elijah

July 13, 2020

Why learn Cybersecurity?

With the great increase in cyber-crimes and cyber-threats, there has been a great hike in the demand of cybersecurity experts. It is estimated that there will be around a 300% to 450% increase in cybersecurity positions in the coming years.

However, most people have a perception that Cybersecurity is a difficult topic and tough to get into. The reality is that Cybersecurity is not that difficult at all; rather, it is a diverse subject that doesn’t squeeze a person into shape. Instead, it allows someone to mold the subject the way that person wants to learn it. There are many different fields in Cybersecurity, and each one is important in its own way. So, learning Cybersecurity is not that difficult at all. But, learning it all by yourself? Sounds like havoc! Well, not anymore. By the end of this article, you will know why it is easy.

Learn Cybersecurity myself?

Yes, it can be done! All that one needs is a computer with an internet connection, a good learning habit, and great attention and focus. Once you have all this, it is not a wrecking process at all. Here, I will give some limitations, ways to get started, and the best strategies to succeed.


  1. No curriculum:

It is necessary to find one’s own curriculum and the best way to learn. Otherwise, one can go to cybersecurity schools’ websites and follow their curriculum. But, the best way is to visit several websites and make up a curriculum according to one’s understanding and ease.

  1. Lack of equipment:

One won’t have the possibility of having a whole server at one’s home or something like 30 computers to set up a penetration testing lab. Colleges spend thousands of dollars on equipment for proper learning. But, this is not a barricading factor. Everything can be learned using proper techniques and tools such as Virtual Machines (VMs). It is just a factor that will have to be worked around by discovering techniques for oneself.

  1. No formal classes:

For those who like to be in a formal setting to learn, the same mentorship will not be accessible when learning from home. However, this need can be fulfilled by attending seminars, hackathons, and other meet-ups where one can meet Cybersecurity seedlings just like you. Plus, a lot of fieldwork can be learned when in such settings. CTFs, for example, teach people how to perform vulnerability testing.

Getting Started:

  1. Determine what to learn:

First of all, know what you need to learn. There are many fields within Cybersecurity, and each of them requires a different approach and skillset. Therefore, get information on what you want to learn. Web App Security is probably best for you if you have a good hold over SQL and JavaScript. But, Cybersecurity doesn’t require you to have skills before learning it. You can learn a programming language and focus on the respective field of Cybersecurity at the same time. So, start step-by-step, learn every topic one by one, and you will soon have a Swiss Army Knife of Cybersecurity Skills.

  1. Gather Resources:

What is needed is a computer, an internet connection, and computer skills. You may not have the same interface of 100 PCs, but you can simulate one by using VMs and build your penetration testing lab. Everything can be done from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) to SQL Injection (SQLi) attacks. Special Penetration Testing Operating Systems such as Kali Linux and Parrot OS, provide an amazing interface for penetration testing.

  1. Find a Good Learning Platform:

A good training and learning platform is really important if you want to be a guru of Cybersecurity. Always use trusted websites that are certified and verify that the instructors are providing the best content. Even though websites may be paid, they provide great resources that others might not have. Especially, if you’re an absolute newbie, avoid websites that don’t monitor content quality, such as YouTube tutorials. While many people learn from these websites, you need to know the basics before you dive in, because most of the information providers on these sites are not verified.

Where to learn?

Cybrary is a great platform, and it provides all that you need. From the best quality courses to online labs and career paths that lead you in the way to achieving your dream. Sign up now and dive into this amazing platform to learn Cybersecurity.

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