write everybody what is better Backtrack 5 r3 or Kali Linux i think Backtrack 5 r3 old good classic :)

cyborg is better :D cyborg is based on ubunto and it has 3x more tools than kali

While I do prefer Ubuntu for everday use ( Backtrack) I find the tools in Kali more up to date and usefull Also really like bugtraq, but most tools now are out of date Will be taking a look at cyborg shortly

Kali is better then Backtrack 5 rs3..!!!

now i go test cyborg :) it looks good :)

i like kali linux

Both Kali and backtrack offer you an environment already set for you to start working. It's like a toolkit. Kali is of course more recent, up to date and supported. That's the main reason that between the two I'd choose Kali. Other than that, you could just go with whichever Linux distro you like, customize it and install whichever security tool you'd really be using, as both Kali and backtrack may have tons of tools that you would never use.

I think the question is little silly. First of all - Kali is in fact newer version of Backtrack, made by the same development team. Second - they may differ by some of the software installed but only Kali is supported and maintained. Third - what do you understand by better ? Newer ? Choice of soft installed ? Distro of linux ? Actually - you could also ask: "Which one is better ? Good old Win XP SP3 or Windows 7 ?" Although I know this example is a little bit too much ;)

Cybrog might be better with tools but it runs on Ubuntu, which is unifying and strictly taking measures against hacking practices which is the main reason you now find Kali in Debain. I havent rested cyborg yet, but i'll test soon ;) Most of the tutorials in the world when it comes to hacking points Kali / Backtrack tho -- xMidnightSnowx

One of the 'selling' points of Kali is their license. You're free to distribute, modify, re-brand, basically do whatever you want with it. Backtrack included commercial software (via partnerships) and as a result you weren't allowed to do any of those things. In my last job, I had a requirement for a portable, live pen testing environment to share with all development departments, and I couldn't do it with Backtrack due to licensing costs (Tenable wanted $50k just to let me include Nessus on the iso, not including a license to use it). With Kali, it wasn't a problem (as long as I didn't include commercial software). I added my own custom tools, re-branded it, and deployed it across the company. Of course if you're just using it for personal use, then go with what works for you. I haven't tried Cyborg (will have to play with that soon), but if it's between Kali and Backtrack, I'll go with Kali. Don't forget DVL to use as a target for testing. Reno.

Just been reviewing cyborg. Like the look - Lots of tools -Sadly really old version of ubuntu Would have really like to see it on a more up to date version of ubuntu, More like backbox Either way worth a look

i tested cyborg and i think cyborg is better :)

Out of Backtrack and Kali, definitely Kali for the reasons said above, it's newer, still supported (unlike Backtrack), etc. I will check out Cyborg at some point though!

Using Backtrack would be like trying to still use something like Mandrake Linux or Windows XP. Sure...it might work but its unsupported and you're not getting any updates for it.

Cyborg Hawk Seems to be much powerful than both kali and back-track

yes cyborg is powerful but kali is in top position :)

Due to some installation errors ( yea screwed it up lol ) my Cyborg video is taking longer time than expected. Once its done I'll do a side by side comparison of Cyborg vs Kali. --xMidnightSnowx

@xMidnightSnowx - Thanks for putting time into making a comparison, I'm curious to see the difference between the two having also not seen Cyborg before.

Has anyone tried Seanux 2.0? Also built on Ubuntu...

hi Prefer BackBox But Also Kali powerful and i will test Cybrog is seems good .

Hi FFYOO.. Ya cyborg is really good but it is still have many disadvantages.. Its bits slow than any other pentesting Os and its not regularly update... cyborg next major update come in 2 or 3 months said by one of the cyborg os developer.. I suggest for beginner backbox Os which is also from Ubuntu community. Its easy for beginner and Its have also some very good tools Its have around 80 to 90 tools..

what about other linux os what is best ? :)

Hi Anonboy. You might want to post your question in the Desktop Linux group under Group Forums. Although you should understand asking what is the best Linux distro is almost like talking about religion. There's no one right answer and people can be a little passionate about their favorites.

What is the difference between backtrack and kali linux ???

@imit, in simple terms, BackTrack was renamed to Kali. If you dig a bit deeper, the name change is because BackTrack was significantly rewritten and improved. The article below discusses these changes in more detail. http://www.itnews.com.au/news/backtrack-successor-kali-launched-336420

I've used Kali and Backtrack, but I always seem to go back to Backtrack after testing any new Kali versions. I've tried both of them on multiple puters, but Backtrack always proves to be more reliable for me. Just my 2 cents..

Yes Anonboy, I am fan of Cyborg Hawk Linux. I have version 1.1 . And I am very happy to say that "Cyborg is the best OPERATING SYSTEM for hacking and pentesting. Thank you for your supporting for Cyborg. I repeat "Cyborg is the best Operating System for hacking and pentesting."

I'm looking at a book called "Violent Python". I likely have an old version. He recommends Backtrack 5. The only reason I can think of to stick with Backtrack is that I am more familiar with Python 2.X...But we all know that it's only a matter or installing the version you like, provided you can hack compatibility. The points in favor of Kali-- I like Fedora better than Ubuntu. (Yup. Biased. Deal.) I'm an old hand at Linux but relatively new to this area. The licensing issues also suggest that Kali is a better option. Are there any pitfalls saving myself a little time and installing Kali? Then again, I could just make two OS flash installs and try each in an experiment. I'd learn things...

I think you have the latest (and only) version of "Violent Python." Backtrack hadn't yet been replaced by Kali when the book was being written which is why it references the older software. Since the book is dealing mainly with Python and isn't specifically training you to use Backtrack, it probably makes sense to go with Kali since it is more recent and is still being updated. I skimmed through the book and most of the places where it mentions using Backtrack should work similarly on Kali. Since you are familiar with Linux, any differences shouldn't be hard for you to figure out. I just checked my version of Kali and it has both Python 2 and Python 3 installed. You just type "python" if you want to use version 2, or "python3" if you want to use version 3.

For me am thinking kali is the best..than backtrack..but still we have cyborg hawk which have many tools.

I think he asked "better for penetration testing and ethical hacking" as he mentioned up above. It's true that Kali is newer version and is created by same developers, but take in note that kali has no more wings, like backtrack used to have (and I mean not only a silly icon, but some of the tools and commands that old school folks will notice Kali doesn't have) backtrack still stays as my favorite. also, I agree, that those kind of questions are quite hard to understand, but in this case, the specification was clear. and btw... I would choose good old win xp over win 7 if it came to hacking xD u know why I would hehe...

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