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"Azure Storage Accounts" Course Spotlight

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By: Sudeep Phal

October 13, 2020

Every day, hour, minute, and second, an attacker is trying to breach an organization's data. So, any organization needs to keep its Crown Jewels safe and away from any potential threats. I went through this course on Azure cloud storage accounts, by Jeff Brown, in Cybrary. This course's difficulty level is marked to the beginner level, so there is no need to worry about any advanced technical approach. This course is for all those into Azure Cloud, whether it be an Architect or Consultant.

The author has rightly divided the course into five modules with around 3-5 submodules each. There are prerequisites of the course for a better learning experience:

  1. Knowledge of Azure Fundamentals
  2. Comfortable working on Azure portal
  3. Azure Subscription (Provided free for 12 months)

By going through this course on Azure Storage Accounts, the questions below will be answered:

  1. What is storage accounts
  2. How to create storage accounts
  3. How to create secure access to storage accounts
  4. How to upload data in storage accounts
  5. Different access levels in storage accounts

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The language of the author is very clear and easily understandable. The first module starts with the introduction of the author and the prerequisites of the course. The second module is on Storage account management. It is subdivided into four submodules, which tell about storage account configuration, Creating storage accounts, configuring storage account services, and using the storage explorer connecting our storage account.

In the third module, security concerns of the storage account are taken into consideration. It is divided into five submodules, which tells us about Container access levels, Leveraging Azure Active Directory to secure storage account, Configuring shared encryption keys, Managing access keys, and shared access signatures configuring network security (for, e.g., Firewall ) and secure transfers.

After securing the storage accounts, the author delivers the fourth module on working with storage account data. This module is again divided into four submodules, which gives ideas on managing data using storage explorer, using the command-line tool, understanding programmatic access options, and using the Import /Export services. In terms of learning, module four is the last. In module five, we have the course overview provided by Jeff.

In each of the modules, the author has included a practical lab setup for hands-on experience to try the same along with him. I specifically recommend trying the practicals on your own so that the understanding becomes crystal clear. If anyone is going for AZ-300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies, this course will better understand Azure storage accounts.

This course took around 120 minutes of my study time, but I found it very informative and crisp in terms of content. Being part of security myself, it is very important for many of the things we implement or onboard to be kept secure in our environment. This course is a power pack that begins with how to implement storage accounts and how to secure them post-implementation. Lastly, I recommend reading this review to take this course and help yourself in learning storage accounts and securing them.

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