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Amazon Web Service (AWS) With Python

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By: Phillip Durst

December 7, 2020

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Service, or AWS, is Amazon’s cloud computing platform, and it is currently the most widely used cloud environment in the world. It includes a vast set of tools and functionalities and is used across industries, academia, and even government applications. AWS is the rising star of cloud computing, and it is very tempting for new developers to dive into head-first.

Before taking the plunge, however, here a couple of important considerations:

  1. How does a system developer work with AWS?
  2. How does a system administrator make AWS secure?

More pointedly, is Python useful within AWS? Continue reading for answers and insights to these questions.

Developing in AWS

Out-of-the-box, AWS comes with some nifty features to get users, maybe new to cloud computing, up and running. AWS aims to provide a cloud platform that is accessible to users with minimal IT experience. That said, AWS has some powerful tools available to those who have earned their stripes in IT. The trick is knowing how to work with these tools to get the most out of them.

Like all cloud computing platforms, the most powerful way of accessing the full AWS capabilities is through its Application Programming Interface (API). One key feature of AWS is that it contains two APIs:

  • Client-based, “low-level” API: This API does the “heavy lifting” of managing an AWS environment. An IT professional is likely to work primarily with this API.
  • Resource-based, high-level API: This API is more user friendly and uses a higher level of abstraction that makes it more accessible.

To work with these APIs, AWS contains its Software Developer Kit (SDK), called Boto3. Within Boto3, the language of choice is Python.

AWS with Python

Python is the current darling of the programming world. While it once provided an introduction to coding for novices with its high abstraction level, it has grown to become a high-powered programming language. When working with modern businesses, a system administrator must be comfortable using Python. A good start is the Intro to Python course and for more advanced studies Intermediate Python.

Python is the centerpiece of managing AWS at the API level. By combining scripts developed in Boto3 with the AWS SDK, system administrators can streamline, automate, and protect the AWS services on which their businesses rely. Some of the key applications of Python to AWS include:

  • Automating execution of repetitive tasks, such as system updates.
  • Creating new user accounts / deleting old users from the system.
  • Curating and interpreting system logs.
  • Executing scripts across users and environments.
  • Protecting system assets.

The benefits of using Python with AWS over other cloud environments are Boto3 and the Python SDK. Python allows administrators to work with AWS services programmatically. Unlike other cloud environments with proprietary programming interfaces/languages, AWS lets IT professionals work comfortably in AWS without additional training beforehand.

Python and Cybersecurity for AWS

So, if AWS runs on Python, how does Python keep AWS safe? AWS has the same inherent security risks as any other cloud computing environment. However, AWS has more powerful tools for protecting cloud assets than other platforms due to the Python API and SDK.

Using the AWS API, Python lets system administrators:

  • Create and manage security groups with simple scripts.
  • Manage Master Key encryption.
  • Detect application errors, including errors on serverless apps.
  • Automatically check for updates on RSS feeds and notify administrators of security incidents.
  • Intelligently assess the severity of incidents.
  • Automatically format incident reports.

These are just a few examples of what Python can do for AWS. The main takeaway is, AWS gives system administrators more tools for platform management. Additionally, the tools created in Python are more powerful, more customizable, and easier to create and modify.

Where to Start a Career as an AWS Administrator

Systems developers and administrators must stay on the cutting edge of cloud technology. Businesses are moving to the cloud, and in particular, to AWS. New cybersecurity workers are preparing to work in the cloud, and AWS is the future of cloud computing. To gain experience using AWS, Cybrary offers a broad library of AWS training courses.

Cybrary offers courses in cutting-edge cybersecurity techniques and how to keep an AWS environment safe.

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