Hello guys, I started a couple of days ago my learning trip in Cybrary. :) At the moment i already completed a course and get its completition certificate. I would like to add that on my Linkedin profile, someone of you know how to do it? Hope someone can clear this point :) Thanks a lot

how can i add my certificate to Linkedin

Step 1: complete the course Step 2: Buy certificate for 25 Cybytes Step 3: Get url link from certificate Step 4: Paste on LinkedIn Steps 5 - n-1: ??? Step n: Profit

Real Step 3: update your certification with certifixate name and id Real Step 4: if anyone needs to verify your certificate, tell them to go to https://www.cybrary.it/verify-certificate

It seems that this issue is now resolved. I will also add my certificate on linked in. :D

How we can get the url of the certificate?

LinkedIn is asking for the certificate url...the url is active only if I am logged in on my computer...when i log out the url shows nothing....Please solve this problem and tell me how to get the url of the certificate

Download the PDF Cert and upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive or whatever cloud storage you are using. Then share it publicly. Copy the link and then paste it in linkedin

This can be done for all certificates of completion? or only for the skilled certificates?

How to add CompTIA certs ?

Do micro certs count on linkedin?

Thank you ryanzon, when I get my cert I'll do it that way. I wonder if Cybrary will offer a shareable link in the future so it's official.

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