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Hitting Revenue Goals: The ROI for Your Team’s Training

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By: lpark

July 1, 2019

Updated October 2019It is important to provide training for organization members to help achieve revenue goals, with a positive return on investment (ROI) for the team’s training. The revenue goals are important for an organization because it drives profits for the team, creates revenue for its stakeholders, and allows the business to continue offering the service. By providing new programs for the sales department, these improved initiatives will enhance and improve profits for the business, and will create a profit cycle of revenue that keeps the organization on track to manage business initiatives and improvements moving forward.Training programs available within the organization’s industry will help offer a new skill set to the sales team. This stage of the new training would be introduced to assist the team members increase revenue at the organization. Without identifying goals in the beginning, it would be premature to buy, lease or create a training program or plan without determining the deficiency in selling skills. By identifying the knowledge gaps within the sales team, you can find new training strategies that can be implemented to improve the sales team. As a result, they can meet their predetermined weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals.The return on investment (ROI) for the sales team training will be determined based on several factors. It is critical to determine the revenue goals in advance, allowing time for the sales team to take initiative towards reaching these goals. The process towards meeting revenue goals should be tracked and evaluated to determine if the programs or strategies are driving the sales team towards their goals. Once sales goals are determined and strategies are placed with the skills learned in training, the sales team will be able to increase sales by using the new and improved sales methods modeled in the new training program. The sales manager can review sales before and after the training and can predict how sales will increase in the future. These sales methods will act as a guideline for sales team members; as they increase proficiency at managing their sales techniques, the ROI should improve as their closing ratios become higher. Cybrary offers training for organizations interested in improving initiatives to hit revenue goals, while helping organizations in all industries develop programs that will train sales teams and other departments. This training offers advantages to the employees of an organization; help develop new criteria, learn new relevant skills, and manage human capital at the organization to meet the most advantageous ROI for the business.Along with the rewards of a training program and increasing ROI from training initiative, it will be important to look at several factors for rolling out the training program to the employees. All members of the sales team must be on board with taking a new course or training that is structured to help them improve their current skill set. If team members are resistant to taking these training courses, the training will be ineffective. Sales teams that are eager and interested in utilizing new training techniques will benefit the most to improve sales and the ROI for the business. Choosing a training program that meets the current needs of the sales team will offer the best ROI for the sales team that are currently training. For example, training sessions in various industries may need to be updated fairly frequently, and will therefore become costly for the organization needing to change training programs on an ongoing basis (such as every quarter, or even annually). The best training programs will be current, trend-setting and viable by offering the most up-to-date information available in the industry on any given training topic, lecture or discussion. The training program must meet the sales teams’ needs with clear, concise messages, catering to several different generations of the organization. For instance, if the sales team is comprised of workers who are under 30 years old (millennials) but also over the age of 60 (baby boomers), an appropriate mix of trendy language describing digital and technical components, as well as careful use of metaphors, will be appropriate for all members. Even better, promoting an even playing field for all team members will allow them to learn the new material needed to apply for jobs, as they improve their current skill set. Informing team members about the benefits of the new sales training program will help all team members learn and understand the common goals and initiatives of the organization.
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