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Get to Know Your Instructor: Gabrielle Hempel

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By: SLWelty

May 21, 2019


Fun Facts About Gabrielle!

  • What course do you teach?Introduction to SIEM Tools
  • What is an interesting fact about you?I’m 6’0” and the shortest in my family!
  • Your favorite food?Sushi, donuts, poutine. Is coffee a food?

The Q & A

Tell us about yourself

"I’m a scientist who fell into the rabbit hole of information security! I attended the University of Cincinnati (go Bearcats!) where I studied neuroscience and psychology. I worked in regulatory science and pharmaceuticals for a few years before falling in love with and transitioning to information security. I am a Cybrary alum, and was part of the first SOC Analyst cohort! Now I am an assistant mentor and SIEM instructor for Cybrary and work as a security analyst for a large consulting firm, so I get to dabble in all the fun areas of security. I continue to feed my passion for science by serving as a scientist on a board that reviews recombinant DNA submissions for government-funded studies. I am also pursuing graduate studies in advanced computer security. When I’m not working, you can find me powerlifting, looking for donuts, racing and working on cars, petting dogs, or seeking out new coffee shops."

What brought you to teaching on Cybrary:

"I was a member of the first Cybrary SOC Analyst cohort, and it helped me to gain the confidence and establish the baseline knowledge for building my career and getting my foot in the door in the world of information security. I wanted to give back and help others build a career in the same area and get the same experience that I got from Cybrary!"

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Tell us a little bit about your course:

"My course is a course I wish I had had exposure to when I was first going through the SOC Analyst cohort. It goes into the basics of a Security Incident and Event Manager (SIEM) and what these are used for within organizations. It also has labs that will help students to gain confidence in looking at and pulling logs."

Your Experience in Cyber Security:

"I went through the Cybrary SOC Analyst cohort, and then after landing my job as a security analyst, I began a grad program in advanced computer security at Stanford."

Interests in Cyber Security:

"I like blue teaming: incident response, reverse engineering, digital forensics. I also love cryptography, malware, quantum computing, and quantum-resistant cryptography."
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