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Today’s Top Career Options for Cyber Professionals

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By: Tatianna

March 17, 2019

Cybersecurity professionals have many unique career opportunities, and the positions and terminology change as the industry evolves. Let’s take a look at some of the career options available today to professionals in cybersecurity.

Information Security Analyst

The information security analyst is responsible for the planning and execution of security measures within an organization. This role requires the analyst to ensure the safety of an organization’s computer systems and networks from malicious hackers, corporate espionage, scammers, and other cybersecurity threats. Cisco, a large networking company, is currently hiring security analysts for their Washington, D.C. offices.

SOC Managers

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a physical facility that holds the information security team and their necessary equipment. Network monitoring equipment, security analysts, and network security operations can be found in a SOC. The SOC manager is responsible for supervising the operations of a SOC and the security team within. This is a leadership role best suited towards those with previous experience in the cybersecurity industry. ATN International and LL&T Group are both seeking cybersecurity professionals in the role of SOC managers.

Cybersecurity Consultant

Cybersecurity consultants may work freelance or within a private firm to guide and advise the creation and maintenance of information security systems. An organization may hire a cybersecurity consultant to make an assessment of their network’s security, create plans for securing the organization’s network, and offer advice on individual cybersecurity issues. This role differs from other roles in the industry in that a consultant is often hired from outside the organization through a third-party. Deloitte is a major accounting organization that is hiring security consultants to work with securing other organizations. PricewaterhouseCoopers is another large professional services network that hires cybersecurity consultants for their line of services.Looking for talent? Recruit vetted security candidates >

Security Administrator

A security administrator holds a very technical role within an organization. A security administrator works to monitor the network directly and implement security solutions around the clock. This role requires active monitoring of an organization’s digital assets, not unlike a security guard that monitors alarms and camera feeds. Advanced knowledge of cybersecurity tools is required for this role. I.S. Mavens, based in Bethesda, MD, is currently hiring systems security administrators.

Security Engineer

The security engineer is responsible for creating and implementing security systems within an organization’s network. For example, a security engineer may implement security standards for the organization, provide a security response to incidents on the network, or compile reports for administrators on cybersecurity breaches. Halski Systems and tapQA, both based out of Georgia, are currently seeking to add security engineers to their cybersecurity teams.A robust search for organizations hiring these roles will yield plentiful and mixed results. Some of the top companies are currently hiring for these positions, and certain companies are more well-suited to specific positions. These opportunities are dynamic, and an offering available today may not be available tomorrow. However, new positions for cybersecurity professionals are popping up consistently, so it is best practice to stay updated on which organizations are hiring which positions. Many of these roles carry some of the same responsibilities with a different title, but each are distinct enough to necessitate research and specialized certification.TL;DRThere is a multitude of career options for cybersecurity professionals, but the terminology and volume of opportunities can be overwhelming. This section breaks down individual roles within an organization and points to current examples for hiring opportunities. A description of each position is provided along with organizations that are currently seeking professionals in that role.
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