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The Cost to Learn Computer Forensics

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By: Tatianna

February 15, 2019

The Cost to Learn Computer Forensics (CHFI) Digital risks are on the rise. Companies face multiple challenges across IT environments including malicious outside attacks, insider threats and the emergence of new software and hardware vulnerabilities.The result? IT professionals with the skills and expertise to analyze attack vectors, collect digital evidence and deliver actionable insights are now in high demand. Specifically, employers are looking for information security professionals who bring both real-world expertise and reputable certifications to the job.Among the most popular and well-respected is the Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) certification — successful completion of the CHFI exam opens new infosec opportunities for IT professionals and provides assurance to organizations that new hires are up to the challenge of protecting critical IT infrastructure.Here’s what you need to know about CHFI benefits, exam expectations, and costs.What is Computer Hacking Forensics Investigation?As noted by the EC-Council, “computer hacking forensics investigation is the process of detecting hacking attacks and properly extracting evidence to report the crime and conduct audits to prevent future attacks.”Put simply, it’s the ability to track down accidental or malicious misuse of technology systems, find all related digital evidence and then compile that evidence into reports which can be used to improve system defense or pursue legal remedies.Forensics may include the examination of emails, Internet browsing histories, documents or text messages along with the associated metadata. Trained investigators seek out evidence of any hacking activity and then determine the specific impacts of these hacks on corporate systems. Worth noting? This is an evolving discipline. As mobile devices and the connected Internet of Things (IoT) become commonplace across business networks the scope of CHFI work will expand, making this certification a valuable addition to any infosec professional’s resume.Key BenefitsPursuing CHFI certification offers benefits for IT experts including:
  • Increased Salary — Salaries for skilled infosec experts are well above the median for all IT professionals and are on the rise as the cybersecurity skills gap widens. Combined with post-secondary schooling and other certifications, the CHFI provides a solid foundation for any salary negotiations
  • Transferrable Skills — Companies worldwide now need the assistance of trained forensic investigators to obtain critical evidence and improve network security.
  • Unique Opportunities — In addition to private industry, CHFI experts are also in-demand across law enforcement teams and government agencies, providing unique career paths for IT pros.
Obtaining CHFI CertificationFor candidates to obtain CHFI certification they must complete a four-hour, 150 question multiple choice exam. Passing grades are determined on a per-exam basis and are based on the assessed difficulty of all questions. As a result, these “cut scores” may range from 60 to 85 percent. All CHFI exams are designed to test both practical knowledge and real-world application since the goal of CHFI-certified professionals is to quickly and efficiently track down evidence of potential hacking or insider threats. While it is possible to challenge the exam without prior training, this can prove challenging even for experienced security professionals. CHFI Training: Costs and ChoicesTo improve the chances of successfully completing CHFI exams on your first attempt, training is critical. Given the popularity of this certification, multiple training options now exist on the market:
  • Free Courses — Cybrary offers free CHFI courses that let you tackle the subject matter on-demand. Complete modules on your schedule and get familiar with CHFI requirements before paying the exam fee. This is a great option for full-time IT professionals — the flexibility of our free courses ensures they don’t conflict with day-to-day IT obligations.
  • Bootcamps — CHFI boot camps have emerged as a way for infosec professionals to fast-track computer forensic training. Typically a week long, these courses offer compressed, intensive schedules to fully immerse candidates in CHFI requirements. Benefits include short completion times and dedicated instructors, but costs are substantial and students can’t afford to miss a single session. These courses also require IT staff to be away from the office and on-site at a new location. In need of a better option? Cybrary’s business platform gives the benefits of a boot camp without having to be away from the house or office.
  • Live Training Sessions — At Cybrary, we’ve designed a set of live CHFI courses taught by expert instructors that allow IT, professionals, to learn from the comfort of their home or office. Courses run three times per week on a set schedule but require only 1.5 hours per class. Students also get the benefit of lab work, assessments and mentorship to ensure they’re fully prepared to take on the CHFI exam. Even better? Subscription to Cybrary’s Insider Pro Membership includes access to all other training courses and materials, allowing infosec pros to study for multiple certifications simultaneously or in succession.
Completing CHFICHFI certification offers long-term benefits for infosec professionals in an evolving, security-focused market. Need your certification ASAP and have a C-suite willing to foot the bill? Consider the boocamp alternative, Cybrary’s Business Platform. Prefer to take your time and save your money? Opt for Cybrary’s free CHFI courses. Looking for the best of both worlds? Choose Cybrary’s live courses to complete your CHFI and tackle other IT training with the help of live instruction and Q&A.
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