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New to Cybrary: Katie Wandtke

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By: Tatianna

January 16, 2019

New to Cybrary: Katie Wandtke

One of the newest members to the Cybrary team is Katie. The Cybrary Team wants to introduce you to the newest woman on-board and why she is a vital part of Cybrary's future.

"Erin, HR is a Joke" - Toby Flenderson

Just kidding. We feel like more Michael Scott in his sentiment toward ice-cream. As a member of the team, and the only person so far in the People Operations Department, Katie has an important position that involves helping the team as individuals and as a united organization. She spent the last decade working in multiple project management and operations roles. Most recently she scaled the people, HR and business operations at Mapbox, which grew more than 10x during her five years with them. Katie also spent some time as an English instructor in northern Thailand working and traveling for an international development organization based in DC. Katie helps organizations get to the next level with qualified people that get the job done right! With her track record, Cybrary has confidence she can do the same here. Welcome to Cybrary, Katie Wandtke.

The Interview

  1. What brought you to Cybrary, and what are your (personal) goals?
  2. "Cybrary is filling such an amazing role in providing accessible and affordable training - in an incredibly dynamic field - to people all over the world. I’m thrilled to be part of the team that is leading the charge in providing the best available training for people who work in or want to get into the cyber security field, while also keeping it accessible."

  3. What do you do at Cybrary, and what does that job entail?
  4. "I run the People function at Cybrary, which touches everything from hiring the best new team members to finding the best ways to support our team’s professional development. My favorite part of my job is finding unique ways to support a team through rapid growth."

    I spent some time as an English instructor in northern Thailand working and traveling for an international development organization based in DC.”

  5. Is there any advice you would give to people looking for a job in today’s market?
  6. "Never underestimate the value of your experience, even if it’s not in your current field! I was a server at multiple restaurants for around seven years, and learned an immense amount about time management, communication, prioritization, crisis management, diplomacy and generally thinking on my feet during this time. All of these skills have translated to every job I’ve had."



    Fun Facts:

    • What is your ‘go-to’ thing to read? (blog, book, or otherwise…) Ann Friedman Weekly.
    • What do you do for fun? I have two little kids, so carving out time to spend with them outside the house is a priority for me. Finding new places to explore and play with them is my “new definition” of fun.
    • If you were a superhero, who would you be?Superman - my daughter loves him.
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