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Successful Security isn't from Tools - Here's Why!

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October 22, 2018

The Opportunity for Successful Security Lies In Automation And Consolidation, Not More Tools

In July 2018, Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to carry out a study on endpoint and network security strategies. Forrester spoke with 115 IT decision makers, and published the results as a Forrester Opportunity Snapshot titled “Don’t Just Integrate, Automate”.The survey results seem to indicate that IT security teams are hampered by overconfidence in their ability to spot and resolve threats. In addition, they have a hodgepodge of technology that results in time-consuming manual data correlation. Rather than simplify their approach, they seem intent on adding even more technology to the mix.According to Forrester, the need is not for more solutions; automation is needed. Currently, businesses are wasting significant time and money on manual security operations. In many cases, these manual tasks like configuring, monitoring, implementing, and integrating data can be automated. In contrast, with disparate solutions, automation is challenging if not impossible. If businesses consolidate their vendors and deploy a holistic, integrated approach, however, they can automate operations and immediately optimize their security.

The Benefits of Automation and Consolidation

When Forrester asked the decision makers, “what benefits would you expect from being able to automatically integrate data from the endpoint with data from the network layer?”, they found that:network security badge
  • 61% expected better threat protection
  • 51% expected better overall security posture
  • 51% expected quicker remediation time
  • 49% expected quicker containment time
This data shows that businesses understand the benefits of automation. If they expect better threat protection, overall security posture, remediation time, and containment time, then why have they not automated? Truthfully, many businesses have existing contracts and solutions, so they opt to simply short-term patch their security with more vendors. Based on data from Forrester, however, it is time to commit to a new, unified approach. Worried manual operations are costing your business time and money? Read the full Forrester Opportunity Snapshot, “Don’t Just Integrate, Automate” report today, and see how automation can revolutionize your security.Author: Cisco, a Cyber Security Awareness Partnercisco security opportunities in automation
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