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Solving Security Problems: Are Hodgepodge Solutions the Answer?

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October 18, 2018

Firms Throw a Hodgepodge of Solutions at Security Problems

In July 2018, Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to carry out a study on endpoint and network security strategies. Forrester spoke with 115 IT decision makers, and published the results as a Forrester Opportunity Snapshot titled “Don’t Just Integrate, Automate”.In the study, Forrester immediately noticed that businesses address security concerns with a hodgepodge of solutions. Forrester asked about 21 different technologies, and all of the options were implemented by 45% or more of the firms. Even more concerning, most firms reported expanding/upgrading solutions.Why are businesses needing more solutions if they already deploy 10-20 different solutions?Well, threats are evolving, so different defenses are required. Businesses need a multi-layered approach to security. As the layers increase, visibility and integration become a larger concern. Most of these businesses are increasing investment in visibility tools. A hodgepodge of solutions, however, cannot be fully integrated or automated.As a result, IT security teams have to manually correlate data from different solutions to make decisions. Currently, with the hodgepodge portfolio of technology, only 22% claimed to be fully automated! Twenty-four percent reported that data from their separate solutions are too dissimilar to even fully integrate. These businesses need to rethink their security approach and invest in a holistic approach.

Reverse the trend

It is time to reverse the trend of hodgepodge security postures. Deploy fully integrated solutions that provide true automation and visibility. Save time, reduce costs, and strengthen your business. Struggling to automate and integrate your security solutions? Read the full Forrester Opportunity Snapshot, “Don’t Just Integrate, Automate” report to optimize your business security.Author: Cisco, a Cyber Security Awareness Partnercisco solving security problems
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