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Have You Seen Cybrary Teams?

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By: ginasilvertree

December 2, 2017

Some Cybrarians may not know about Cybrary Teams, so I figured I'd write a post on this service. Teams is "The learning and assessment tool of choice for IT and security teams at today's top companies." Ok, what does that mean? Essentially, Teams offers companies an LMS (Learning Management System) to track their training and assess their employees.More specifically, Teams offers:
Custom Training for Every Employee: Build and assign a personalized learning path that meets the needs of each of your employees. Develop a pipeline to grow your team's skills and prepares them to better run and protect your organization. Provide unlimited access to the largest catalog of cyber security training.
Certification-based Labs: Cybrary offers the industry's most advanced virtual lab environment preparing your employees to receive Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, and CompTIA certifications. Provide unlimited access to over 100 certification-based hands-on labs.
Certification-based Practice Tests: We've partnered with Transcender©, cyber security's leading provider in practice test simulation software. Provide unlimited access to over 120 Certification-based Practice Tests.
Capture-the-Flag Skill Assessments: With over 300 challenges across 30 skill domains individuals must demonstrate their cyber security, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Use these to interview, onboard, or keep your team's skills sharp. The Capture-the-Flag Skill Assessments create a fun, unique way to develop your team's security skills.
Virtual Security Labs: Need something more technical? Provide unlimited access to 120 practical security labs hosted within a virtual environment. Use real tools like Splunk, Metasploit, Wireshark, Snort, and more to explore in-depth cyber security tactics.
The pricing is super reasonable as well! And, to make it more effective, Cybrary offers the following guarantee: "We guarantee your members will earn their certification or your money back." Not bad!
I recommend taking a look at the Teams page. There are two videos, which are worth watching, and it's easy to request a demo for your company.
Happy learning!
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